SEO with GMB, it’s worth your time

SEO with GMB, it’s worth your time

Google My Business provides an invaluable source for website response and generating more search engine traffic.

There’s no singular solution to ranking high with Google, and there are many! Knowing how to leverage varying platforms is instrumental in SEO success. Google My Business is one tool that dictates website response and performance in a search engine. Keeping information current and relevant is imperative to organic search results, especially when aiming for local attraction.

After creating an account, you must request ownership of your business. GMB will send you a postcard, yes a physical piece of mail, to get confirmation that you are who you say you are. Once you have verified your business, you’re able to log in and see how your listing is doing. It’ll show impressions, clicks, and subscribers; this is a good way to see how both Google and your customers perceive your business.

How does GMB determine your ranking?

  • Relevance - the way your business fits the search intent of the customer
  • Proximity - targets local search areas based on the searcher
  • Prominence - activity: reviews, events, content, photos, etc.
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Ensuring your account has new, relevant content is key. Maintenance can be cumbersome, not because it’s hard, but it must be sustained. As your searches, clicks, and customers increase and business gets busier, it’s easy to forget to consistently post and manage your account. Be sure to check the data; there’s a reason your traffic went up. Constant communication with purposeful content via GMB must be consistent if you want to keep your boosted ranking.


  • Use your business name
  • Match your category of business as best as you can
  • A complete profile gives your best ROI
  • Good contact number
  • Include business hours (if applicable)
  • Interesting photos
  • Associate with other valued businesses
  • Align GMB with your website
  • Stay current, up-to-date, consistent
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Activating and maintaining your GMB account will enhance your ranking on Google. It’s important to remember that SEO is most successful when utilizing all the platforms that are available and that match your business. Ensuring they all align with your website will improve how Google sees you, boosting your searchability and, ultimately, your business. By optimizing what GMB offers, you will increase your SEO.