Is a meta description a Call to Action for SEO?

Is a meta description a Call to Action for SEO?

The do's and don'ts to creating a unique meta description that will help drive your SEO.

Before working in SEO, I had no idea that there was a term for the sentence that fell under a headline in a search result. The meta description is a quick summary that describes what your site entails in order to provide the user with more information before they decide to click. If not created by the source, the search engine will often just pull a snippet from the body of the text on the homepage to serve the meta description purpose.

Indeed, your meta description may not affect your Google rank, but it can be a contributing game-changer in the world of SEO. In SEO, you want to attract new views, provide rich content, and ultimately induce a call to action-reaction by the user.

The meta description is a chance to engage your audience before they even get to your webpage. You can do this in various ways:

  • Include a phone number to call
  • Learn more
  • Click here to buy now
  • Contact us here
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Increasingly meta descriptions are being used to draw the user in more quickly and easily, primarily as people are using their cell phones more to search for information and products or services. By providing an accessible call to action in your meta description, it becomes effortless to click on your headline first.

As useful as a meta description can be, you must be careful in word choice; being concise is critical.

COMMON MISTAKES in meta description writing

  1. Making them too long.
  2. Making them too short.
  3. When it does not match the content of your linked page.
  4. Not enough keywords.
  5. Duplicating descriptions across different web pages.
  6. Using too similar of the same words redundantly.
  7. It is not attractive.
  8. No call to action.
  9. Leaving it up to search engines to select your description.
  10. Not making it unique from your content.
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When done correctly, meta descriptions can enhance your SEO and propel your business ahead of competitors. It is an often overlooked detail, but in truth, can have a significant impact on your web traffic. Just as a compelling meta description can call a user to act on your page, it equally contributes and enhances your site's SEO.

Write your meta description today!