Checksum Error In Computer

Checksum Error In Computer

In This Blog, We Discussed the Checksum Error in Computer and also Shared the Reason for the problem with the solution.

The lack of functionality of the backup battery causes your PC to show this message ... let's see why and how to solve this problem.

The Problem:

This wording appears shortly after turning on our computer and indicates that most likely there are incorrect data in the BIOS ... in fact it contains all the data relating to the hardware configuration of our machine and in particular the settings for harddisk, cd-rom, floppy, date and time and many other essential parameters for the correct functioning of the computer .....

..... it is enough that only one of these data is wrong for compromise the total functioning of the same.

Reason of the problem:

Generally this defect is related to the exhaustion of the buffer battery which has the task of preserving these important data, I fail this data is temporarily lost and the computer is no longer able to start!


To solve the problem, it is necessary to replace the aforementioned battery operation to be carried out by a technician in order to avoid damaging the precious internal components of our computer.

Even if this error occurs, the PC can be started anyway, just press the ESC key when the word CHECKSUM ERROR appears, our system will start normally but we will notice that the date and time are wrong. Nothing to worry about. BUFFER BATTERY and everything works properly.

NOTE: Sometimes it happens that this writing occurs despite the buffer battery being in perfect efficiency, this is probably due to a small temporary drop in the power of the latter to be considered completely sporadic and therefore not worrying.

It will be sufficient to start the PC as seen above and keep it on for a couple of hours, even while working, so that the small battery regenerates just enough to bring the power back to normal parameters.

The BIOS backup battery does not cost much and, except for very old computers, it is made up of a button cell easily available at many PC accessories retailers.

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