How to create a streaming platform

How to create a streaming platform

How to start a streaming service

Beyond any doubt, modern people can entertain themselves with any TV program, movie, and series to make even the most boring evening interesting. Moreover, modern TVs have the Internet connection so it is not necessary to browse channels for hours to find something interesting. Thanks to the Internet, you will always be able to find something worth your attention. But how to choose an appropriate service to watch a movie in HD quality without annoying advertising?

Today Netflix service is drawing TV viewers from all over the world. What is the secret of its popularity? Access to thousands of programs and movies and various service packages can satisfy any taste. Maybe, one day somebody decides to create something similar to Netflix and add new features to beat the Netflix fever. Is it possible to do? Well, you won't find it out until you try. Online streaming services like Netflix can become very popular. We will discuss how to create a streaming platform and mobile app similar to Netflix and what should be undertaken.

How does Netflix streaming work?

Netflix is an SVOD service (subscription video on demand). It is the largest video-on-demand service with the enormous database of cartoons and films. Having paid a monthly fee, clients get access to an unlimited content. Netflix can function on many gadgets and run on various operating systems like **Smart TV, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, etc.