App Development Costs

App Development Costs

What's app development cost? That is the number one question we get, but there’s no standard answer.

First, some statistics:

In 2017, Clutch surveyed 102 app development companies to find out the average cost to develop an app. The minimum project size is $5,000 - $10,000, but the typical cost is much higher.

For most app development companies (56%), the cost of app maintenance after one year is $10,000 or less. ( Clutch survey)

App development companies most commonly build iOS native (75%) and Android native (61%) apps. ( App Development Cost Survey 2017)

VDC reported that, on average, companies require 6+ months to build and deploy a mobile app. And spend an average of $140,000.

According to arc () (formerly codementorX), $61-80/hour is the median hourly rate of mobile app development services.

As you see, there’s quite a range in pricing when it comes to app development. Costs start from $5,000, go to $140,000 and up.

Why so? App development cost depends on multiple factors – features, platforms, seniority of developers and their location, and many more. So there’s little chance that similar apps will have a similar cost.

Plus, you won’t learn the exact cost of your future app just by googling ‘how much does app development cost.’