Kitchener-Waterloo has so much to offer new recruits moving to the city.

Kitchener-Waterloo has so much to offer new recruits moving to the city.

That doesn’t always come out in the hiring process, though, when job candidates spend their time between the hotel, the office, and the airport.

If you're in hiring mode here in Waterloo Region and you've already spent resources interviewing and flying the candidate in for that final face to face, why not show off our community to your potential new employee by providing a customized orientation tour. Guests can be picked up right from the hotel or from the office. Your KW Host has worked with new families by showing them neighbourhoods, schools, condos, and other amenities that they need to know about before uprooting and moving to the Region. We have the connections and knowledge to introduce families to potential sports coaches, dance schools, public school administrators, real estate professionals, and community leaders for example. Tours are a great way for families to get a feel for the community and to make initial connections before they move.

"Angela has a wealth of knowledge to share, on everything from what neighbourhood to settle in, schools and sports clubs for kids, restaurants and entertainment, and more. KW is an amazing place to live, work and play, and it's very valuable to have a resource like Angela to show off the unique elements to encourage people to settle here."