6 Quick Ways to Beat a Night of Beauty Sleep

6 Quick Ways to Beat a Night of Beauty Sleep

The benefits of a good night's rest are numerous, but sometimes life's daily demands make a complete night of beauty sleep a rare occurrence.

"I wanted to share this article and it's skin saving tips because sometimes it's just not possible to get our beauty sleep! Fortunately, there are some ways to look rested and maintain our youthful appearance, Venus Freeze treatments boost collagen production to tighten skin, improve hydration and reduce the crape-like appearance that can happen during dehydration, especially in the upcoming colder temperatures. Protect your skin's healthy glow and youthful appearance with the following tips and regular Venus treatments." Andrea, Your Perfect Skin

When we don't get our eight hours a night, the effects of sleep loss can take a toll on our appearance. Aside from taking a vacation away from it all to catch up on some Zzzs, try our quick tips to beat a night of beauty sleep and restore a more youthful-looking appearance.

1. Relax with Cucumber Slices or Green Tea Bags

A lack of sleep-including a lack of quality sleep-can cause inflammation under the eyes, creating those dreaded undereye bags. To reduce puffiness, apply a slice of cold cucumber over each eye and relax for four to five minutes. Green tea bags fights inflammation.

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Cooling Cucumber

2. Don't Toss the Cucumber After

Cucumber slices soothe undereye inflammation. Use the rest of the cucumber to create a moisturizing mask to brighten a dull complexion. Read recipe HERE

3. Chill Your Concealer

Dark circles under the eyes are another common symptom of sleep loss. Hide and reduce dark undereye circles at the same time with concealer stored in the fridge overnight. In the morning, swipe on concealer to form a triangle with the tip pointing downward under each eye and blend in well by tapping with your ring fingers or using a makeup sponge.

4. Opt for Niacinamide

To boost your skin's moisture levels and promote healthy cell turnover, opt for a skin care regimen containing niacinamide (vitamin B3). This will rebalance the skin, boost collagen production, and provide a supple, all-day moisturizer-exactly what the skin needs to restore its radiant complexion.

5. Go for a Bold Lip

Depending on how much sleep has been lost, it might not be a bad idea to draw the eyes away from problem areas by adding a little color to the lips. A bolder statement lip can add a little pep to your step while drawing attention to your lips, rather than highlighting a dull complexion or fatigued eyes.

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Bold Lips

6. Try a Radio Frequency Skin Treatment

Sleeping just two hours less for a week is enough to inhibit skin's collagen production levels, resulting in skin that looks dull with more fine lines and wrinkles. To fight back against these effects on your skin, consider a series of non-surgical anti-aging treatments using radio frequency technology. These comfortable treatments deliver the energy to deeper layers of the skin, producing heat and jump-starting natural collagen production, resulting in firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin.

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