Healing an umbilical hernia with RestoreChi, maybe

Healing an umbilical hernia with RestoreChi, maybe

If you know me and my work, you know my kids are a gift. Everything they face is, in part, so they can teach me something important to share with others...

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Our 2 month old baby has an umbilical hernia. 10% of children are born with an outie belly button, and a small percent of these kids develop umbilical hernias that do not heal on their own.

I've been in touch with Master Yan and he sent her some yang energy. This immediately increased and has sustained how much she drools (a sign of strong yang energy in a baby), and I even noticed that she is better able to produce tears, but the umbilical hernia remains.

So I sat with this.

We have pressure pushing out her belly button.

I know she was deeply asking my body to detox while I was pregnant with her, so much so that I increased my level of education in this area and launched (and am in the process of continuing to launch) a whole new wing to my business - From Fear and Blame to Recovery and Play.

I also know her umbilical cord was exceptionally long - creating as big a buffer as she can from the "real (toxic) world".

I also learned, by skimming these web pages "What is the umbilical cord?" and "Key Signs and Symptoms of a Hernia", that it is the stomach that is pushing through her belly button, and that this is possibly due to weak muscle walls and fat/organs squeezing through connective tissue.

If I go to my RestoreChi and TCM training, I can see that muscle strength (or lack there of) is related to stomach function.

In TCM, the stomach and spleen are paired organs, and the spleen is considered the "mother after birth". The spleen is dominated by the earth element, and is here to take care of the baby, after she is physically cut from her biological mom.

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In TCM, the spleen is dominated by the earth element, and is considered the mother after birth

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I've been running the Spleen track in RestoreChi for my own purposes, and though my daugher may benefit from me running this track more often, my sense is her stomach may also be a bit weak.

Problems in the stomach/spleen could result in over-thinking, and singing is a way to process this, although I'll admit, it irks me to listen to other people hum and sing to her.

I know this ^^ is my issue to deal with, she is not here to be with me 24/7, I am here to be her mom, to be here for her, and to work, this alone was a big thing for me to accept. Even at 2 months old, I have to be willing to let her go a bit, never leaving her, but also giving us each space to discover and grow.

According to our Human Design, unlike my older two children, who are designed to grow with me, my 2 month old is designed to sometimes go out her own door. She is a gift to more than just me. Beautiful soul!

So, back to diagnosing what to do about this umbilical hernia...

I went through the process that we are taught, and that I teach others...

Intuitively and energetically checking the status, function, and flow of her: overall heat/chill, bladder, kidneys, liver, heart, spleen, and lungs.

My conclusion is there is a stop in the flow when it comes to her heart. This does not mean there is anything wrong with her heart per say.

This is what I have decided to do, and I will adjust as the energy and symptoms adjust and shift:

I am going to run the following RestoreChi tracks for her:

- 5 organ reconnect (to get the flow of energy between the organs to function properly again)

- spleen dampness/phlegm (I am going to run this more diligently, for her sake and mine, to clear out more gunk, and let her know mommy is still here, even if we are physically disconnected), and

- stomach weak

I'll admit, I was a bit hesitant to build strength in her stomach through the RestoreChi tracks, because it is likely her stomach that is pushing through her abdominal wall (and into the umbilical hernia) so I had to consider if I really want to support her stomach to be stronger. And I will continue to sit with this.

But I know, we also need to build up muscle to keep her stomach in. The spleen builds muscle, because it sends nutrients everywhere that they are needed in the body, and spleen and stomach work together (TCM terms).

So, we shall see...

In the end, surgery is always an option, if needed. And she will go that route, no matter what I try, if that is the path she is looking to experience (just like her older sister and her many experiential trips to the hospital and other healthcare facilities, see "Kids differ in what kind of medical or alternative support they seek").

But isn't it cool to have the power in your own hands, as a mom, parent, or caregiver, to be able to assess yourself and your child/loved one, and use less evasive methods to support our bodies to do what they do best - heal and take care of themselves?

What's even more interesting; I've known for a while that my daughter is here to support me in healing generational pain, often passed down from mother to daughter. This whole process, even though on the surface it looks like an umbilical hernia and TCM education and knowledge, it is also about healing the wound with my mother. Finding forgiveness and common ground with her. She wanted to work, she didn't want to be home with us kids all the time. And now, on my 3rd child, I too have come to a point where I want to work, and be there for my kids. This desire to work does not make me any less of a mother, and it also gives me an opportunity to forgive my mother, and myself, for doing what we need to do for ourselves, and for reaching out to others to sing to our kids, while we may be a few steps away.

Mother Daughter ~ Generational Healing ~ Unique Souls

Mother Daughter ~ Generational Healing ~ Unique Souls

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Spirit communicates with us in so many ways, with only one goal in mind: To support us to find the love and acceptance, that we didn't even know we were searching for. Gratitude!

If this is something that interests you to learn more about, reach out.

I am working on my related website, here.

Love and Bless, Strong Family, Strong Light.

Alahnnaa Campbell

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