RestoreChi Learning Tools

RestoreChi Learning Tools

We are offering exclusive Q&A sessions and various learning tools and doors, so you can make the most of RestoreChi

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I created this video, to go along with the "Get your answers with RestoreChi" offer on my Courses Page:

RestoreChi Q&A Sessions and Learning Resources

In speaking with some potential participants, I realize there really are two types of people right now. Those concerned about the V and those not. And I sit in both camps, because I am not concerned about the V, but my husband is, so I need to straddle both sides of this line, but if there are people (and I am guessing the majority of people open to this work) who are in the "let's move on from this V topic" camp. Trust me, we can totally move on. I'm tired of it too! Haha.

Anyhoo, here are the links mentioned in the video:

- RestoreChi Q&A sessions

- YouHaveALifePlan Website

- RestoreChi chat platform

- Importance to use your own discretion, ALWAYS!

My RestoreChi page, and related articles: Looking for a RestoreChi Practitioner and Prepare your body for the Corona virus

Email me to purchase either learning tool or if you have any questions:

I do not want to control the way in which you learn. You certainly do not have to do anything, in any way, before showing up for a Q&A session.

Many people learn by just doing and asking and seeing the results to something that matters to them.

Let's not make this harder than it needs to be.

I just want to always be open, with all the options, and possible hurdles, along the way, so everyone knows what they are getting into, and can make the most of what is offered and paid for.

Love, bless, and strong, now and always!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Guide to Conscious Living and Multidimensional Health

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience ~ Stress & Health