Your health, your fear, we are here to support you!

Your health, your fear, we are here to support you!

Meet our growing team, this is what we do to support our health, when we get sick...

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The new e-magazine Your Health Toolkit is a way for us to share multiple ways to care for your health, so that you can see you have choice, you can empower your self, and care for your family, without living in fear and thinking you have to force others to do things as a way to reduce your own fear.

When we fight with each other, we give our power away. When we share what we know, we give each other the opportunity to make an informed choice.

This is how each of us respond to the following questions:

- what do you do when you get sick?

- what is your level of fear around getting sick?

- how do you see your role in supporting others? (optional)

Alahnnaa Campbell

(Guide to Conscious Living and Multidimensional Health)

- if I get sick or hurt, I look to my own modalities (RestoreChi, an audio version of TCM, and Esogetics Colour Light Therapy, a body mind spirit perspective) to see what needs to be understood in terms of current life lessons and moved to clear the illness. I also rest, use teas, soups, and aromatherapy, and if I feel the need, I reach out to Rose (mystery symptom diagnosis and food/supplement recommendations, based on the channeled work of the Medical Medium, see below), Maria (reflexologist, blending and teaching aromatherapist, reiki master, highly skilled at setting personal self-care boundaries, see below), go to a chiropractor or body worker like Janet (myofascial release, recommending essential oils, and massage, see below). Mona has also supported me with recommendations on how to get clean versions of the foods I seek (see below), and Rose can also source well-priced, high quality supplements etc (see below).

- For prevention, I also do dry-brushing (all parts of my body towards my heart) every morning, especially before a bath or shower, and I take an Epsom salt bath if I feel the start of an immune response (body temperature drop, achy feeling, foggy mind). I am super strict about no technology by my bed if I have lost sleep for 1-2 nights in a row (not even to listen to music, or read online), and I stop dancing and singing too, if my energy is too low to support it. I try to eat mindfully, questioning myself before I go to my default foods, trying to inspire heathier choice (with love), especially celery juice (which I make in the vitamix with water and an apple, draining the pulp, even though I know this is not the ideal way to do it). None of my mobile aps have permission to notify me when messages come in, and I only check them (or write posts) if I have the energy to spare. I also take time for myself to tune in, whenever I feel off (or bookmark a need for this later on). I will open a Divine Healing session for my self and others as needed.

- I don't have a lot of fear around getting sick, as I feel empowered. I respect that other people are more concerned, and try not to participate in their fear-based activities. I'll be honest, sometimes I worry if I can navigate my way back to health, when the symptoms come on, but I always have, so I have to remember that. Its just in the moment, when the symptom is present, that it can be a reminder of something I have not solved yet.

- I want to inspire and empower others to see that they can and need to take an interest in how their bodies work, on multiple levels, and the many options available for support. Many practitioners see your body through a different lens, and you never know what view you need until you find it and you get better, until then, don’t give up, don’t resign. You are unpacking the greatest mystery of your life. You are learning to understand your self, along the way. Self-care can be so empowering, creative, and fun. We can all afford to slow down, and care for ourselves whenever we need to, because the rat race is to nowhere but suffering. "The young person trades their health for money, and the older person trades their money for health", and sometimes we don’t know where to go or are unwilling to love ourselves enough fight for our health! Don’t be that person, support your self and your family!

Rose Sciara

(Certified Health Coach, Plant Based Medicine)

- There are a number of things I do and recommend to others for dealing with illness. First and foremost rest. Getting as much rest as possible is important so that your body has the ability to fight off infection. Secondly, I recommend plenty of liquids - water, warm honey, ginger water, vegetable broth and freshly squeezed juice. Finally, I strongly encourage people to take high doses of a quality zinc and vitamin C. Elderberry syrup can be quite helpful as well.

- I have zero fear around getting sick. While unpleasant, I know that I have the tools to heal quickly. As someone who has studied mystery symptoms and who uses awareness of what is really going on, food and supplements, to support my self, my kids, and my clients to regain their health (again and again, as we all have choice to fall off and get back on the wagon).

- I feel a pull to share more of what I know as I am certain it can help others!


(Holistic Nutritionist)

- I usually know ahead of time when I am getting sick. When this happens I start to slow down and avoid anything that puts stress on both mind and body, even if it’s a workout. I start taking 3-5 drops of oregano oil in a little water before bed, I prioritize sleep, and ensure I get the right quality and quantity of sleep. Meanwhile these are my go to’s:

• Frequent steam inhalations, nasal irrigation of the sinus area with salt water, and gargling for the throat (these have been amazing for clearing upper respiratory infections).

• Raw garlic and onion chopped into salads and dips etc for their antiseptic, antibacterial and immune boosting properties. For those who can’t stand the smell I recommend Allicin (garlic capsules).

• Eating less fatty and sugary foods and avoiding caffeine. Refined and processed food and oils, as well as sweeteners, are acidic and toxic to our bodies and they take down body’s natural defenses.

• Teas made with ginger, thyme, raw honey and lemon, every two-three hours. Rosehip tea also offers one of the highest levels of vitamin C.

• Bone and vegetable broths and stocks are rich in healing minerals.

• For a balanced environment, that prevents viruses from thriving and surviving in our bodies, we need plenty of natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and fiber, which only a whole food plant-based diet can provide. For example, Vitamin C, which is highly supportive of the immune system, is only naturally found in unprocessed whole plant foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

• I strongly believe nature provides us with the perfect components to keep ourselves healthy and aid both healing and prevention. I feel it is our job to use the foods that are the best for our human bodies and avoid stressing and polluting our bodies with the wrong foods.

- I have trust in my body and immune system’s strength, therefor I do not fear getting sick. Some of my extended family are influenced by mainstream media, and thus are dealing with some fear. I have spoken to them about this topic, and have explained how much I believe fear can be a destructive and harmful toxin, to the human mind and body, creating all kinds of biochemical reactions within our bodies, that mobilize hormones, neurotransmitters, and nutrients to increase the body’s stress response, and reduce it’s protective and healing abilities. In such a state, we are vulnerable to all kinds of acute and chronic diseases, and our ability to think is compromised.

- I would love to share my points with anyone who is ready and open to change.

Maria Fiordalisi

(Reflexology ~ Reiki ~ Aromatherapy, Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching)

- I can usually tell when I am about to get sick, as I become very fatigued. I am prone to chest colds/infections, so I immediately start taking a herbal combination of echinacea and goldenseal. I get plenty of rest, increase fluid intake, increase plant-based foods and bathe a couple of times a day. I also use essential oils and make what I feel I need; from a chest salve, to a steam inhalation blend, to bath blends etc.

- I am not that fearful of getting sick, however, because I am prone to chest colds, when I am sick it is very uncomfortable for me.

Note from Alahnnaa: Maria is a very caring, gentle soul, and a powerful healer, as such, she is wiser than me, and able to keep her opinions to herself. Although she will openly share what she knows with family, friends and clients who have the courage to ask her directly. May you be so luck for this to be you!


(Registered Massage Therapist, Myofascial Release, DoTerra)

Response pending due to her first response of; ”I don’t get sick!, So I’ve definitely been pondering my 4 boys (husband and 3 kids), my 80 year old cohabitating mother, and not just simple old me!!"

Note from Alahnnaa: Knowing Janet, she is someone that people may look to and call “lucky” because she is quite fit, quite beautiful, but not without her daily efforts of self-care, exercise, science-ing (investing time and money in mainstream and alternative care), as well as providing "free-pour" services to her clients, to really get to know the body and the consequences of overdoing anything: essential oils, relationships, trauma, etc. I will continue to translate on her behalf until she provides words of her own, because she is gifted, and I am happy to be a bridge, because, despite her techno-aversion (note, zero way to contact her unless you have her phone number!!), we all deserve to be heard!

So, with all the above, I hope you are inspired to see:

1) you are not alone, and

2) there are many options for you to try, and people to call on for support.

None of us are sharing what we know here, to try to win you over as a paying client, though you may choose to hire one or some of us. We are here to share with you, so you stop destroying the world and each other with your fears, because there is enough love to go around. Self-care is love, and you are worth it!

Stay tune for our next article on “But that’s not covered by my insurance/OHIP plan”.