Oh, you think its just heartburn - childhood can't do that much damage, can it?

Oh, you think its just heartburn - childhood can't do that much damage, can it?

As I suffer with chronic heartburn in my third pregnancy, my acupuncturist shared something with me that I find interesting enough to share with you...

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I've been trying to combat my chronic heartburn in the "usual" way, with Tums, Zantac, and Gaviscon (although I really hate drinking what feels like plastic, and avoid it when I can).

I have also been seeing a very talented chiropractor Dr Jennifer at Foundation Chiropractic for the physical aspects, and another very talented chiropractor Dr Rachel Carson at Aligned Chiropractic for the spiritual aspects (see: "Chiropractors serve different layers of the onion"). I have also recently added my Acupuncturist Yongping Sun to my alternative health care team (see: "Not all Acupuncturists are created equal!"), and he had something very interesting to share with me...

He said: "Its not just pressure on your diaphragm from the baby that is causing your acid reflux, its your stomach, spleen, liver, and kidneys, and this also contributes to the symptoms and issues you've been experiencing in your lungs, heart, throat, and sinuses".

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Internal Organs mentioned by my Acupuncturist as playing a role in my current chronic Heartburn


The sinus issue I have resolved (see: "Stop trying to control how I breathe! Its okay to be angry sometimes, Mama!"), so I will leave it out of this article.

It is interesting, because if I look at where the organs that my acupuncturist mentioned sit in my body and the position of my 31 wk old baby, she is literally pressing on all of these areas with her body position!

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Unborn baby position, currently pushes on all of the organs mentioned above!
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Here is the relationship between each of these areas/symptoms and the psychological baggage (from childhood and life), which my unborn daughter is asking me to deal with before she is born. Hence the unrelenting episodes of heartburn through this (and every) pregnancy that I have had!

According to Messages from the Body...

Heartburn is associated with: "happiness horror", an intense fear that is tripped off by experiencing happiness/joy, a sense of impending attack for un-deserved joy, because of a mal-adaptive belief that "getting what you want must violate the cosmic order". This comes from being raised in a disapproving, moralistic family, and having a burning desire to be free, yet their passion on a particular topic scares them, because they were raised in a family that told them to suppress how they feel.

Heart problems are associated with: expecting rejection or abandonment, desperately wanting to be saved, but not feeling worthy of love. This comes from growing up in a shame-inducing family, where there was no support, nurturance, or acceptance of who they were, and thus "home is where the heart hurts".

Lung problems are associated with: barking up the wrong tree, making passionate commitments that lead nowhere, having a very strong sense of justice, and feeling ashamed for having needs and not being able to do it alone.

^^This is particularly interesting, as the biggest challenge in my Human Design is to accept that in order to be selfless and of service to others, I need to be selfish and take care of my needs first! And, whenever I place my older daughter in care so that I can have time to myself to grow my business, something always happens and one of my kids has to come back home or I get sick and I am no longer able to have the time for my own self-care and development, which I desperately seek and need. This too is written in my Astrology!

Throat problems are associated with: grief-rage, sorrow and resentment, sitting on their expressions, because they fear if they articulate what they know they may start World War 3 and they are not sure they can trust their own power and ability to influence others.

Stomach problems are associated with: facing an indigestible reality in their life, dreading the future, feeling overburdened, reluctant to take on anything that will increase the restrictions and responsibilities in their life, having trouble assimilating their experiences (because anger and bitterness blocks digestion), and rejecting sustenance, help, and support because they feel unworthy. They have a huge backlog of profoundly hurt feelings, due to growing up in a shame inducing family.

Spleen problems are associated with: rumination, frustration, and anger, which makes them critical, skeptical, irritated, and possibly indifferent to others. This comes from growing up in an unstable and unpredictable family that holds grudges, which has led them to feel highly insecure, universally rejected, and in constant preparation for disaster.

Liver problems are associated with: the Higher Self being thrown off balance by a severe setback, loss, or event, resulting in a temporary loss of a sense of normalcy. However, this is positive in the end, because it is this existential crisis that prepares them to be able to manifest their true destiny.

^^This part is key! I know my unborn daughter is incredibly powerful and is here to get me to step up in my role to support others to heal their generational pain, so that she can step into her role to be of service, in a way that she has literally told me I can not, because of the damage I have sustained in my life, I can not come at the problems that she will be able to, with as much love and joy as she will be capable of, because I will raise her right, and I was (unfortunately) raised to feel pain, so that I understand and can prevent it from happening to others, and heal those who also had a fate similar to mine, so they too can get on with their mission, once healed!

Kidney problems are: a request to the sufferer to stop always looking for what is wrong. Often people with kidney problems have trouble getting along with others if they carry traits that they have been trying to suppress in themselves.

And finally, Adrenal issues (as the adrenals sit on the kidney, and I know mine have been shot for a long time!) are associated with: resentment-rage, constantly working to try to generate the success and recognition that they were denied in childhood. This often results in agitated relationships with all those around them, an overloading to the point of not wanting to care for themselves anymore, and a self-defeating attitude.

Note - there are many more associations for each of these body parts/symptoms mentioned in the book. I am only sharing what is relevant for me, for the sake of brevity. When I work with my clients, even if the issue is the same as someone else, the story behind it and the solution to overcome it can be completely different!

Reading all of the above, is it any wonder my unborn child is giving me this unrelenting, obnoxious symptom (of heartburn) in order to encourage me to let go?

In addition, as I was researching the information for this article, I kept getting a pain in my mid left back.

Mid left back issues are associated with: implication anxiety, "better leave well enough alone", self-doubt, "what will people think?", being highly attuned and concerned with how others might react to them. This comes from being stabbed in the back as a child. In deed, I was, in addition, when my heart/back/rib pains started a few years ago, the image I repeatedly had in my head was that of being stabbed in the back, possibly from a past life, as often happens to people who are brave enough to speak the truth!

So, now maybe you know why I work with parents/adults to support them to understand their kids? In the hopes that we can raise kids with more awareness of the damage that unconscious parenting can do to them. Not all kids have to suffer like I did. Some will, and they are here to be healers, once they have healed. But others will bring lightness and joy, like my kids are on track to do.

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Building Strong Families through supporting Conscious Parenting, Healing Childhood/Life Wounds, and Generational Pain

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