What if the seat of ancient wisdom was actually in your root chakra?

What if the seat of ancient wisdom was actually in your root chakra?

As a follow-up to my article on the pelvic floor, I discovered how much power we may actually hold in this area of our body, and I share it here...

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This article is a follow-up to: "Every woman needs to know about internal pelvic floor physiotherapy!!"

As I am going through my pelvic floor treatments, we continue to discover how much my pelvic floor is connected to everything else...

I took a look at the Soul Contract system, and noticed something very interesting about the number 3.

In Soul Contract, the number 3 is related to:

- the lymphatic system

- the right ear

- worthiness

- ancient wisdom

- and the vagina

I personally carry a 12-3 as one of my Physical Talents and one of my Spiritual Karmas in my Soul Contract, and my current (optimized) name places a 3-3 as my Spiritual Goal.

When the 3 is paired with the 12, it is about absorption, expansion, and love, and trying to find balance, while absorbing and sharing this unconditional love and wisdom with others. I usually try to avoid this number, because I find it very addictive!

But my first daughter, who was conveniently (and probably intentionally) named before I knew about the Soul Contract system, carries four 12-3s in her Soul Contracts! And the daughter that I am currently pregnant with, carries a 12-3 as her Spiritual Goal, and her siblings have also gifted her with a nickname that places a 12-3 as part of her Soul Destiny, as well. This energy is simply in us, as a family unit, my husband carries it too!

I have had my fair share of running a mile a minute in order to try to gain the knowledge I thought I was after, only to be pulled out of the game by illness. I have also been plagued by unworthiness most of my life.

knowledge, personal limits, self-care, pace yourself

Always seeking knowledge, and if I do not listen to my personal limits, a health crisis will take me out of the game!

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I find it very interesting that what inspired this article was the fact that my right hip keeps dislocating. And, as it turns out, some of my pelvic floor issues are actually tied to the function of my right hip and are playing a role in pulling my entire right side out of balance/alignment (see here for more details: "Every woman needs to know about internal pelvic floor physiotherapy!!").

So, where am I going with this?

Well, one of the primary symptoms in my current pregnancy is this constant yucky feeling of releasing toxins, possibly through my lymphatic system.

Knowing what I know, from everything stated in this article, I can see that the baby that I am currently pregnant with is literally trying to detox me of all my feelings of unworthiness, so that I can access the deep ancient wisdom that I have inside of me, and share it with others in a balanced way.

I find it very interesting that mainstream society often tries to "rape" us of our ancient wisdom. And because they tend to do so in an area that many of us are raised to be ashamed of (the vaginal area), we often fail to or delay seeking treatment.

Thank god there are practitioners like Brittany Pereira (featured in the article "Every woman needs to know about internal pelvic floor physiotherapy!!"), who have made it their life mission to support women to come back to healing and wholeness, on a physical and self-acceptance level, through pelvic floor physiotherapy.

What she does works very well in tandem with my services, to uncover and support the healing of the same issue, as it relates to each person's unique life path, on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

Specifically, in my case, according to Messages from the Body, problems with the right hip are about: being afraid to move forward, as they fear the direction they are going in may set off World War III.

And according to Soul Contract, the right ear is about: trying to become a flexible person, who is open to listening to others, and is not locked into one philosophy.

It is interesting, as through this process of detoxifying my body, my ears have briefly plugged and cleared, as I adjust to letting in what others have to say, in a way that is healthy for me, that allows me to continue to be OK with who I am, while also gaining wisdom about what others may be ready to hear.

balance, wisdom, self-acceptance, open-minded, peace

Balance between my truth, and finding a way to share it with others in a way that they are open to receive it

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People think that being open minded means they should be able to convince you that they are right and you are wrong.

This is not true. Being open-minded means being able to hear what they have to say (either when they say it, or at a later time), and then evaluating how what they have to share may (or may not) adjust what you believe to be true, without allowing it to take you off your true path, due to feelings of unworthiness!

Gratitude to those who have taught me this, often the hard way!

I do talk about very controversial topics, including:

- the rights of parents to seek education and make informed choices when it comes to vaccinating their children,

- the rights of children to develop according to their unique needs, limits, strengths, interests, and sensitivities, without being evaluated, labeled, forced, shamed, or rushed in the school system,

- what it really means to support everyone when bullying occurs, and much more.

See my Support Their Light Facebook Page.

I am also very outside of the box, as I encourage everyone that:

- it is OK to step into their power,

- to go against the expectations of society, and

- to shine as themselves.

See my You Have A Life Plan Facebook Page.

Something that is kind of funny, and may also have some truth to it is: Uranus (who's name often makes people giggle because it sounds like "your anus") is also known as the rule breaker in Astrology. If someone has Uranus in a prominent position in their natal Astrology, as I happen to, they are very likely to be an out of the box thinker, and whether they will be seen as a genius or criminal will depend quite a bit on whether they can find a way to get along with others and be understood, despite their uniqueness. The movement of Uranus around someone's Astrological chart can also signal the timing for kundalini rising, see "Can we cultivate Kundalini Rising and what to do if things go wrong?" (a work in progress), and Kundalini rising also tends to begin in the root chakra. Finally, the anus (like the vagina) is definitely an area that we tend to be ashamed of, and (like the vagina) it is very much tied to the pelvic floor. In fact, in men, going through the anus is the only way for an internal pelvic floor physiotherapist to provide pelvic floor physiotherapy!

It is very hard to speak your truth, in an effort to share important information with others, and feel hated for it.

People mostly hate me because what I share makes them question everything they have been told to believe, and they literally spend their lives bullying others to believe it too, so they can continue to feel safe. This is ok. It is where they are at. And the life they are leading, works as a perfect counter balance to people who are living a life more like mine. And, quite frankly, this is simply my cross to bare, for my own personal growth.

I need to continue to do my work, healing my right hip, healing my pelvic floor, re-claiming my worthiness, so that I can continue to ground and share this ancient wisdom, which I have been gifted with. And I know I am not the only one.

As I have alluded to, the majority of us are very ashamed of what sits between our legs. We cover it up in so many ways. We often don't seek treatment when we need it. The shame often makes us feel unworthy.

But, when the wisdom from above descends into our chakras, through our crown, into our ajna, through our throat, into our heart, through our solar plexus, and into our sacral, finally to land in our root chakra...

chakra, seat of ancient wisdom, root chakra, ground and share your wisdom

Chakras System

What do you think we are meant to do with this wisdom?

Once we have been cleared of our personal blocks, and the wisdom has filtered through each of our chakras, balanced with what we sense the outside world is ready to hear, we can plant a seed, water (and refine) it, to see if it can provide sustenance for others!

Why do you think my main business logo is a plant?

Both because we are here to grow children who are able to follow their own unique path, and because we are also here to plant our own unique seeds of wisdom, and allow them to grow in the hearts of those who are ready for spiritual wisdom to take root.

you have a life plan

My main business logo

yourlifeplan.ca, also see "Live Life With Grace And Ease – What does that mean?"

Part of why I may have a mis-alignment in my right hip may be because I was having repeated back problems, as I was growing in my spirituality, and I needed an adjustment to my atlas in order to allow this process to continue (see: "How to overcome the challenging physical symptoms of spiritual growth", a work in progress).

Before coming into this life, I put a block in my atlas to stop me from growing too quickly. This block made sure ancient wisdom would only be able to descend through my body when I was a clear enough vessel to process and share it with others, in a grounded way. I guess I've always been trying to keep my 12-3s in check, haha.

Now that I am aligned, I am still in the process of embracing these changes, and allowing what comes to me to hit the ground, so I can spread the love and wisdom that I have been gifted with with those who are ready to hear it, and I am so grateful to be able to play this role.

In addition, the nickname my kids gave their unborn sister also puts 5-5s in BOTH her goal positions. I also carry a 14-5 as one of my Spiritual Karmas, and as one of my Soul Destinies. The 14-5 is about sharing multiple layers of the truth, and facing all my fears in doing so.

When are you going to step into your power and discover who you really are?

When are you going to align with your true self (in body, mind, and spirit), so you too can share your ancient wisdom with the world?

When are you going to drop the shame, heal yourself, and share your gifts?

If you want some guidance, I am happy to support you. Both through the wisdom I have been blessed to be able to hold and pass on, and through referrals to solid practitioners who can support you to clear toxins, blocks, and traumas from your physical body. So you can free yourself from all that has been holding you back, and step into your health and gifts, with as much grace and ease as possible.

You can book a free, no obligation, 15min consultation with me here.

Note - my calendar may appear to be fully booked until Sept 9th 2019, this is because I am leaving some space for the entrance and transition of my new daughter into this world. You can always email me at alahnnaa18@yourlifeplan.ca and I can try to find time if you feel the need to chat asap. And you can always like and follow my Facebook pages (You Have A Life Plan and Support Their Light) if you want to keep up to date with my thoughts, even through my maternity leave.

Love, Bless, and Strong Light,

Alahnnaa Campbell

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