Generational Healing, what if your Breeched Baby is trying to tell you something

Generational Healing, what if your Breeched Baby is trying to tell you something

I recently went to hospital for some complications I was having in my 3rd pregnancy, and what I discovered was an invitation to heal some generational pain...

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When I went to hospital my symptoms were chronic light-headed/dizziness and on and off tachycardia. When they took my vitals (and that of the baby) everything looked fine. Then they decided to run a blood test to check my iron levels and thyroid function.

I have always had low blood pressure, in fact this is a trait from my maternal line, as far back as my maternal grandmother, maybe further, and all the women in the family also have this trait.

In addition, my mother (and possibly sister) have chronic on an off problems with anemia (low iron levels).

My thyroid function has been tested many times and has never shown any abnormality, until now! Where I am currently at risk for hypothyroidism.

But what does this all mean?

Well, according to Messages from the Body:

- heart problems are related to (among other things): feeling like no one could, would, or should be there for them, yet "hope springs eternal" and they keep putting their heart out there to be of service, hoping one day to be recognized as being of value. And "Home is where it hurts", feeling trapped in ungiving, rejecting, and harmful relationships. A pattern which got started in a loveless, shame-inducing, exploitative, and dysfunctional family, that gave them no support, nurturance, acceptance, or fulfillment, and held them responsible for all of their experiences, especially the negative ones. So they keep trying to get approval from the "disapproving inmates".

- feeling lightheaded/dizzy is related to: a reality which has become overwhelming and lacks balance or harmony, scattered thinking due to too much pressure, and feeling unsafe when faced with high stakes decisions or commitments. A pattern that got started in a denial-dominated dysfunctional family, in which they were required to function in chaos, when people refused to deal with reality.

- hypothyroidism is related to: "giving up the ghost", a defeatist personality, ruminating over how nothing ever works, throwing in the towel, and "a past life issue is coming up for healing now!"

- anemia is related to: "there is no joy in bloodville", feeling an excess sense of responsibility, feeling overloaded and drained, intense deprivation-grief, tense expectation of catastrophe, feeling undeserving, refusing to let love in because they can not love themselves, frustrated that they can not make what they want happen in life, and feeling like the only way to get attention, help, or support, is to attack oneself.

- low blood pressure is related to: the Eeyore mentality "what's the use, it won't work anyways", being a human "doing" instead of a human "being" and resenting others and life for this, withdrawing energy from the process of life, and just waiting/looking for a way out. This comes from growing up in a loveless/joyless family with high expectations.

- a baby in breech position (like mine currently is) signals: i'm not sure I want to be here, my soul is willing, I know I made this conscious choice, but my ego is unsure it can handle what is coming, at the same time its not willing to abandon ship either, I just want to try to delay/soften this entry a little, to minimize the harsh confrontation with reality, that I am expecting...

So, what to make of all of this?

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Soul Family - Generational Healing

Well, I know my unborn daughter's Soul Contract, because we have named her already. So, I know what she is up against and trying to do in this lifetime. She has actually started her mission through me, since she was 6wks old in utero.

I also know what happened in my mother's upbringing, some of which I share in the story on my website, here.

In short, she and I both didn't have the best childhood. Our parents did their best, but it was no where near what we really needed on a human level. In addition to this, I have not received the support I need as a mom from my family, extended family, friends, or community, until now (when I am starting to build my own village of support), and this means all the defeatist attitudes described for my symptoms above is how I have been feeling, and how my mother felt, and how her mother felt before her (my maternal grandmother). I blame no one, as this is a perfect domino effect, that my unborn daughter and I are here to heal, for our family and others.

I know this also because of the Past Life Regression work that I have done with Nisreen Mama Foda, the Numerology work I have done with Val Inksetter, and the Soul Constellation work that I did with Heather Embree Warren. Through working with these amazing practitioners, who are very skilled in their unique modalities and crafts, I have discovered that my mom and I have been tied together for lifetimes, to try to work out some checks and balances. So, what may seem like a terrible mother-daughter relationship, is only on the surface. At a soul level, which I can even see in our family Soul Contracts, I know our genetic lineage is here to play out, bring to light, and give each other the experiences, we each need to heal ourselves, and others. Through understanding, acceptance, gratitude, and Divine Healing. Which I will be doing for myself now!

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Divine Healing

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Of course taking some prenatal vitamins which contain iron, eating more iron-rich foods, more protein, less carbs and sugar, drinking more fluids, resting, and getting some exercise, and good sleep hygiene will help on a physical level, but exploring the spiritual and psychological components is critical for deep personal and generational healing.

Take a look at this figure, below:

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Multi-dimensional body system

Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire from the Centre of Love and Enlightenment

You can only heal lower bodies with higher body concepts.

So, I am going to the top (spirituality) to heal everything below (mental, emotional, energetic, and physical). Most people really only stick to the physical or the other lower dimensions and that is why most people are stumped and go on medication for life, because they refuse to consider anything that is not "science".

I find it very interesting how "science" is now "proving" that trauma can be passed down through the generations.

See: "Researcher proposes study on how residential school trauma may have affected genes", which outlines research by someone I went to school with. I also have an article out there (under my old name, Anna Marie Danielson) about the transmission of generational pain, here: "The Roles of Family, Peer, School, and Attitudinal Factors in Cannabis Use Across Immigrant Generations of Youth".

What science can not tell us, is how to heal the transmission of generational pain, or why it even exists in the first place!

To heal generational pain, you need to enter into the realm of spirituality, and I would be happy to guide you through this process, if you want to:

- heal,

- see the big picture,

- let go, and

- find gratitude, once and for all.

You can reach me here, for a FREE no obligation 15min consultation.

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Love and Bless, Strong Family!

Alahnnaa Campbell

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