How to overcome the challenging physical symptoms of spiritual growth

How to overcome the challenging physical symptoms of spiritual growth

When you are on a path to spiritual awakening, it is common to get pain or discomfort in many areas of your body, and there is something we can do about this...

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Almost anyone with exposure to spirituality has heard the quote "We are spiritual beings, having a human experience".

Do you have any idea how much is involved in order to keep us, these vast spiritual beings, capable of so much, believing that we are measly humans having these difficult lives that many believe they can not get out of?

Well, as I work with my clients to "wake them up to their true potential", it is common for them to come across uncomfortable roadblocks - often in their back, around their heart, or in their head, not to mention the release of phlegm, toxins, and trauma in the body. There are also non-physical entities that one can come up against (more about this here: "What is lightbody?", a work in progress).

Many spiritual people will call these "Ascension Symptoms" but few will actually do anything about them, nor do they know they have options to release them with the support of professionals in each area of specialty.

From a physical perspective, there can be blocks for two reasons:

1) because of the trauma we elected to experience, in order to gain a deeper understanding of what it is like to experience and release trauma, (traumas can be emotional, psychological, or physical - such as repeated falls, illness, or car accidents) or

2) because we put these limits in place, so that we do not rediscover our spiritual nature too quickly, at least not without jumping through a few hoops first.

There are certain markers in our Soul Contract that can flag the possible need for the kind of treatment I will outline in this article.

Although people with 9s are more likely to experience dis-empowerment in order to find a way to step into their power with grace, people with 1s are more likely to experience lack of integrity from men, and people with 13s are more likely to experience a lack of unconditional love from their mom, I feel people who carry 2s are at a higher risk for having emotional and psychological trauma stored in their body, and people who carry 12-3s are at a higher risk for having their life re-routed multiple times through illness and accidents (aka physical trauma).

Someone who carries a 2 in Soul Contract is likely here to be a counselor for others, to see things from multiple perspectives (high and low), and to cushion and protect others. As most of us know, the best counselors are those who have had a rough experience in life, themselves. People who carry 2s also tend to be hyper-sensitive, and are likely to get shocked by their experience.

Likewise, people who carry 12-3s may be going through life a mile a minute, but if they would just slow down and stop running from their feelings of unworthiness, they would see how much deep ancient wisdom and unconditional love they have to offer others.

These repeated (emotional, psychological, or physical) shocks tend to take a toll on the body and constrict the energy or muscles around the heart.

Of course, understanding and talking through the issue is good, but often we also have to energetically and physically release the tension in the body, and around the heart, in order for the person to be able to flow with more grace and ease.

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Releasing tension around the heart

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Three modalities that I like for this are:

The Dr. Ida P. Rolf Method of Structural Integration, offered by Erica Tickle at This is a physical technique to release the tension around your heart. It can also improve and balance your overall posture, muscle consistency and function. Its great for after having a baby, and to support anyone to release trauma from their body and step (back) into their power.

- Removing the Heart Wall using The Emotion Code Technique, offered by Al-Karim Chatur at This is a mental and energetic technique that identifies in what way you may have put protection around your heart. The technique will energetically remove the wall around your heart (if possible), and you can also ponder what the wall was made of, psychologically, to go deeper, if you choose.

- Dr Rachel Carson (at Aligned Chiropractic) is also skilled to assess and work with the energy in your body, including around your heart, to help soften it, see below for more about her training and areas of specialty.

Another common symptom appears to be ribs that continue to go out of place, especially on the left side, behind the heart, or pain anywhere in the back - the location of this pain is something we can explore together using Divine Healing, to see what issue the pain may be trying to bring to light.

atlas adjustment

Releasing pain in your back

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Of course, you can go to a chiropractor to see about getting your back put back into proper alignment, but you will probably get to a point where this just keeps happening and a more permanent fix is needed.

This is when I would recommend you reach out to Richard Ulmer at to see if your atlas is out of alignment (most people's atlases are out of alignment) and talk with him about whether getting your atlas adjusted is something you are willing to do.

As you grow in your spirituality, your brain may also start to grow, and change the way that it functions. In this case, you may start to get pressure headaches (and other yucky symptoms).

changes in brain function, head pressure, cranial adjustment turner style

Relieving head pain/pressure

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Seeing someone like Dr Rachel Carson at Aligned Chiropractic Burlington to see if she can provide some support and relief using her:

Cranial Adjustment Turner Style technique,

Bio-Geometric Integration, and

- other energetic modalities that she is trained/gifted in

...might be helpful. It has done wonders for me!

Of course, as I alluded to, a lot of spiritual growth and reclaiming of who we really are comes with the release of phlegm (aka toxins and baggage) from the body.

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Releasing toxins, phlegm, and other garbage or congestion from your body

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I learned about this phlegm release first-hand, and in the end I mostly battled it by letting it get to the point of needing antibiotics to clear it. You probably don't want to go that far, if you can help it.

A better way to approach this, in my opinion, is using Chinese Medicine concepts, such as:

- seeing a qualified Acupuncturist (see: Not all Acupuncturists are created equal!), or

- working with a Certified RestoreChi Practitioner (such as myself)

Other energetic methods to try to clear toxins include:

- working with Laurie Peel of, who did a Muscle Tuning TM technique on me to balance the energy in my meridians. I will admit, this was more than I could handle at the time (because I was pregnant, with pretty persistent morning sickness). But I could tell that her method was very effective at targeting and clearing energy blocks that needed to be released!

- working with a Naturopath or Homeopath might also be beneficial to see what they recommend to support the release of toxins (something like the homeopathic remedy LY1, which is intended to support strong immune/lymphatic function). Homeopathic remedies tend to work wonders for my kids, but I personally do not find they work well for me, probably because I tend to over think it, and because I seem to be looking for unconditional love as part of my personal healing journey. And, for me, I find that it is easier to feel unconditional love through an in-person treatment or through active self-care, than through anything I can get from a bottle, energetic or not.

- for a method that is partially energetic, partially physical, and full on unconditional love and play, check out Brian Gray's work, which I wrote about here: Healing with unconditional love at The Mystic Tree. He also offers sessions from his home in Waterdown, which is where I go for my sessions with him.

As for physical methods to release toxins, here are some options:

- I tried a lymphatic and sinus drainage massage, however, I was not aware that a procedure like this can dislodge viruses (such as the EBV), that may be stuck in my lymph nodes or around my thyroid gland, and this may cause them to travel to my heart, causing symptoms like increased heart rate, dizziness, and anxiety/panic. Rosemarie Sciara provides some tips on how to prevent this side effect below.

Amber Korobkina of Let it Heal also offers a very intense treatment to release toxins in the body, by engaging the nerve receptors to activate lymphatic release in the groin, knees, chest and front of the neck, and stimulating the kidneys to drain fluids and overcome exhaustion. Because of the intensity of this process, they are very careful to make sure this is something the client can handle first. Being pregnant, at the time, this was not an option for me, and being sensitive, this may always be more than I can handle. But it is great to know this option is out there!

- As I alluded to above, if you decide to try a physical method to release toxins from your body, Rosemarie Sciara of Nourished Wellness Coaching recommends you consider:

- drinking lots of fluid,

- eating foods high in anti-oxidants, and

- taking an epsom salt bath support the clearing of anything that may have been dislodged in the process. She can also teach you how to remove toxins and heavy metals from your body, keep viruses at bay, and starve viruses/parasites using proper diet, nutrition, and avoiding certain foods. She even has protocols that are safe if you are pregnant or nursing.

Finally, I think there is great value, once a lesson has been learned, in forgetting the pattern that used to be in place in our minds to fight for survival, and replacing such thinking with more peaceful thought patterns.

access bars, release anxiety, find peace

Allowing ourselves to forget survival thought patterns we no longer need

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A modality that I have found to be useful for this is Access Bars. I have seen two practitioners who seem to provide this modality quite well:

- Ayanna McAlmont (Registered Massage Therapist) of Massage Evolution, and

- Al-Karim (specializing in Emotion/Body CodeMagnetic Roll-Out, and other modalities) of

Your choice between these two Access Bars practitioners may depend on:

- whether you prefer to work with a female or male,

- whether you are looking to pair your treatment with Massage or Emotion/Body Code or Magnetic Roll-Out, or

- simply by speaking with each practitioner to see who feels like a better fit for you.

As someone who has had a lot of experience with severe anxiety and mental health treatments, I would say Access Bars is on par with anti-anxiety medication, shock therapy, or deep brain stimulation, but much less invasive, with no side effects that I am aware of. Although it may not be what everyone is looking for, and that is fine!

How to overcome the challenging physical symptoms of spiritual growth

We live in multiple dimensions and in multiple bodies

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As practitioners, I think it is very important to know where our gifts lie, and who we can pass our clients onto when they are in need of something beyond our area of expertise.

Above are some of the supports available to you in our community that go beyond and support the areas that I specialize in.

I included not only services that worked for me, but also those that have not worked for me, or those I have not tried, because I want to share what is out there, so you can discover what works for you. I know we are all very unique in what we need in our life path, and to heal.

With every new technique (especially if they are intense) please proceed with caution, as I should have when I went for my lymphatic drainage massage. Ask a lot of questions about what the side effects may be (during and after treatment) and what to do to prevent or find relief if you experience certain side effects.

* Please remember I am not a medical doctor, I do not diagnose, or make recommendations for treatments. I am simply sharing resources that I have come across that have worked for me, or that I think may work, and I am open to feedback or suggestions.

Love and Bless, Strong Light.

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

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