Your spine carries another map to your unique psychological and spiritual issues

Your spine carries another map to your unique psychological and spiritual issues

I work with multiple modalities to support people to understand their unique life path. I was delighted to find another map accessible by looking at the spine.

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As you can see in this article "Why do you use so many modalities? Isn't this overwhelming for a new client?", I use many modalities to access each person's unique challenges and gifts for this lifetime.

And, as you can see in this article "Chiropractors serve different layers of the onion",  I recently stumbled on a new way to identify the unique issues that someone may be trying to work through in their life.

I have a lot of respect for Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr Joe Dispenza, for making it widely known how much we are in control and NOT at the mercy of our genes or our current state, when it comes to our health. However, what they lack in their models is how to personalize it to the individual.

Here are the modalities that I use, and how they line up to provide answers for each unique individual:

- Human Design and Gene Keys show the individual how they are built and how to follow their unique strategies for success.

- Soul Contract and Astrology show the individual their unique life lessons.

I always recommend that clients not try to work on all of their lessons at once, just the ones that resonate with them at the time.

The intention is to:

1) Align with who we really are, and

2) Forgive ourselves for being a work in progress.

Divine Healing is like asking your higher self or healing team to show you what layer to release next in your healing journey, or what direction to consider taking in your life to find what you are looking for.

Messages from the Body, including what I will present to you here, is the real-time feedback for how you are doing on your journey. Messages from the Body can explain any symptom that you are experiencing from a metaphysical perspective. Yes, you may still need some acute physical, medical, or pharmaceutical interventions, if you have allowed the issue to go on for too long, but addressing the issue at the psychological level can stop the physical manifestation of the problem from re-occurring.

What I am presenting to you in this article, is that the state of your spine literally tells another tale of the issues you need to work through, using the Thermal Scan to see what vertebra are out of alignment, and then using Divine Healing and Messages from the Body to identify the emotions and issues each vertebrae represents, and multiple Divine Healing methods to resolve these issues, one layer at a time.

Just like with the other modalities, you can not solve it all in one go. It takes time to work through and integrate each issue and to find a healthier way of being.

Here is my most recent Thermal Scan:

thermal scan, vertebrae, spiritual map, organs, emotional, psychological, issues

My Thermal Scan

Foundation Chiropractic Co Oakville

And here is my daughter's Thermal Scan:

thermal scan, vertebrae, spiritual map, organs, emotional, psychological, issues

My almost 4yr old daughter's Thermal Scan

Aligned Chiropractic

For options on where to go to obtain your Thermal Scan, go here: Chiropractors serve different layers of the onion

Basically, everywhere where there is colour is a vertebrae that is likely to be out of alignment. And this is something we can look up and work with.

To read more about my daughter's story, go here: "Eye correction w/out painful drops, scary machines, patches, glasses, or surgery".

Here's an abreviated version of my story:

I went to see Dr Jennifer at Foundation Chiropractic Co because I heard that she was able to clear acid reflux symptoms in pregnancy. My acid reflux was waking me up at night, and after one adjustment with Dr Jennifer this pretty much stopped. BUT, I continued to have acid reflux issues in the daytime.

So, I looked up the vertebrae identified as out of alignment in my Thermal Scan: C1, C2, T4, T5, T10, T12, and L1. This resulted in 3 pages of hand written notes for additional, very targeted, and very accurate issues that I needed to work on.

I asked my Divine Healing Team where to begin, knowing from this image:

thermal scan, vertebrae, spiritual map, organs, emotional, psychological, issues

Thermal Scan mapping to Organs and Functions

...that, of the vertebrae that were identified in my Thermal Scan as out of alignment, the ones most likely to be associated with acid reflux were T4, T5, and T10.

T4 is associated with: suppressing oneself, angry agitation, blame throwing, judging those around me, feeling like I am surrounded by a ship of fools, coming from a family that often made me feel wrong. It is about feeling bitter, not being able to have fun, be light, enjoy humor, forgive, often condemning others for being wrong, having mottos like: "there's no joy in bloodsville" and "someone is to blame and its not me", doing to others what was done to me.

When I took this into a Divine Healing session, I was asked to reverse the thought "I need to make others wrong" into "I give myself the gift of forgiveness, and we are both free". Through this process I realized that in my heart and throat I carry this pattern of "attacking others, and then taking cover from any potential, real or imagined, retaliation".

This song "PEACE by O.A.R" came to mind. I even wrote a post about it here.

Peace, O.A.R.

In sum, what I am looking for are: Love, Truth, You, Me, and Peace.

I was guided to re-focus my mission on: healing myself and others, and that I can not save people who are not ready.

My stomach also held tension about: "a fear that I am letting others down if I choose to walk away", and I felt a bit torn over whether I am ready to stop fighting and whether I need to force myself to try to be a better person, before I am fully ready to do so.

Interestingly, when I asked to move onto healing T5, the Divine Healing team simply showed me that T5 is about "refusing to process one's emotions" and to return and stay with T4 until I can resolve it.

This is exactly how it works.

I have now identified a new area to work on in my life. Its not exactly "new" because my Astrology also clearly shows that "I am a warrior here to learn to get along and that it is ok if it takes time for me to do this", but this additional Thermal Graph, paired with Messages from the Body and Divine Healing, and my obvious recurring problem with acid reflux, shows me that this issue is literally affecting my health at the moment and deserves more focused attention.

I have been working on it for the past couple of weeks and made some major improvements, even though this is clearly still a work in progress for me, and that is ok.

If you want to discover how to heal yourself through multiple targeted modalities that looks specifically at your unique issues and life lessons, feel free to book a FREE, no obligation, 15min consultation, here.

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Love and Bless, Strong Light

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience (Stress & Health)

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