Every woman needs to know about internal pelvic floor physiotherapy!!

Every woman needs to know about internal pelvic floor physiotherapy!!

Did you know that internal pelvic floor physiotherapy is a standard part of pre/post natal care in Europe? It also has applications in the spiritual realm...

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The article "Pregnancy as a spiritual clearing from head to tailbone" (a work in progress) will have more details on all of the spiritual symptoms that can pop up in pregnancy, especially if you are carrying a high-frequency (very spiritually awake) soul, and this article will focus more on the pelvic floor.

So, how is the pelvic floor spiritual?

Well, when I was taught the breathing techniques to engage the pelvic floor to react properly when we jump, cough, run, or carry a baby, I realized something important. The proper breathing to get the pelvic floor to work in sync with our body is also very similar to how prana (spiritual breath/energy) is supposed to move through our body, which is why I chose the image above, of the toroidal field that runs through our body at all times.

Were not really here to breathe in such a shallow way - into and out of our lungs. We were intended to breathe down our central column, from the top of our head to the bottom of our pelvic floor (aka, from our crown chakra down to our root chakra).

It is interesting to me that so many women end up with their pelvic floor out of alignment, as so many women are naturally very spiritual and this is something society has been trying to take away from us for a long time (i.e., burning witches at the stake). When you lose this ability to breathe down your central core, you also probably lose some of your connection to your spiritual power.

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Spiritual Connection for Women

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Not to mention, a very common way for women to lose integrity in their pelvic floor is through sexual trauma.

Using the book Messages from the Body we can see that issues with the pelvic area are related to:

- suppression of self, power, and success on the right-hand side, and

- self-shame, guilt, and conflict about their needs, wants, and desires on the left-hand side

And, the most common symptom of pelvic floor issues, urinary incontinence, is related to:

- feeling all alone in an indifferent, dangerous, and hostile world, on "chronic yellow alert", feeling they are all they've got, "one strike and I'm out", likely because they have had to fend for themselves with no help from their friends or family from an early age.

So, what do we do about this?

We address it from a physical, spiritual, psychological, and emotional level.

I am able to support a lot of the spiritual, psychological, and emotional side, and internal pelvic floor physiotherapist Brittany Pereira of LIFT Physiotherapy is able to address it from the physical, as well as probably the emotional and psychological level.

Her story is quite astonishing, and it is an amazing gift that she offers all women to: understand, normalize, and support us to correct something that may be going wrong, in an area many of us are quite embarrassed to talk about.

Together Brittany and I have discovered that my left side has taken more damage, but I am also more capable of healing my left than I am of healing my right.

To me, this means my femininity has definitely taken some hits, but accepting and embracing my masculine side is what gives me the most trouble.

The right side of my torso is longer than my left, and the right side of my body is also heavier than my left (as revealed through chiropractor analysis done at Aligned Chiropractic and Foundation Chiropractic Co, see "Chiropractors serve different layers of the onion").

This doesn't mean that one side is better than the other, but that the male-female balance in me could use more work. I will continue to work on this through Divine Healing.

It is also worth noting, that because I have gone through the two levels of Lightbody surgery (see "What is Lightbody?", a work in progress), I probably have more control over my ability to heal my body (through breath or otherwise), then those who have not been through this process. It is all connected.

If you want to learn more, feel free to book a free 15min consultation with me, here.

Every woman needs to know about internal pelvic floor physiotherapy!!

Love and Bless, Strong Light

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

You Have A Life Plan

ps. For more on what can happen to the vaginal system/area if we do not allow ourselves to process our anger (especially in pregnancy/motherhood), see: Stop trying to control how I breathe! Its okay to be angry sometimes, Mama!