Eye correction w/out painful drops, scary machines, patches, glasses, or surgery

Eye correction w/out painful drops, scary machines, patches, glasses, or surgery

Want to see a very unique and gentle way to understand and address eye problems in children - from a physical, spiritual, and psychological perspective?

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If you go here "We need to open our minds when our kids present us with problems" you can read about an ongoing problem that I have with my in-laws, when it comes to my almost 4yr old daughter.

In sum, they believe girls should be dressed up to look pretty, they like to point out and parade her around when they feel she is being cute, and I am very opposed to this idea because I don't want her to feel like she has to look or act a certain way to be liked. I just want her to be a kid and to have fun and to not worry what others think of her. Especially since she has a Soul Contract lesson of looking for what people like and do not like about her, hiding the parts they do not like, and creating a mask with the parts that they like. I don't want this fate for her. In addition, her Human Design clearly shows that no one can see who she really is, she will appear to others to be what we want her to be, and this will either result in us expecting too much or too little from her. Its her fate, and as her mom, I want to protect her and also allow her to have her life.

So, what does this have to do with her eyes?

Well, after spending more time with my in-laws than normal, she started to go cross-eyed. She would also have nightmares for days after returning home from spending time with them.

I did what most people would do, I booked her in to see an optometrist, who recommended we get our family doctor to refer her to an ophthalmologist.

Thankfully, two days before her ophthalmologist appointment we went to see Dr Rachel Carson at Aligned Chiropractic in Burlington. We were there to get her mouth looked at (see: Teeth correction without braces!), but when we were there Dr Rachel noticed her cross eyes and said, "Oh, I might be able to help with this too!"

I was so relieved, as the optometrist warned me that my daughter's next appointment would probably involve painful eye drops in order to stabilize her eyes, to get a closer look at what was wrong, and then probably glasses or a patch to fix the problem. I, of course, would like to avoid these avenues if I can. Not to mention the stressful trip of going to a hospital (through traffic, and parking, and possibly childhood hesitation to see a doctor or go under scary equipment), and I definitely wanted to avoid surgery, if possible, for my little girl!

Dr Rachel did manage to get her eyes back in alignment, in the same visits that she was able to fix her mouth/teeth. So roughly 2 weeks of easy visits, at a location that is easy to access and park at, costing us only $60 out of pocket to fix both problems! (see: Teeth correction without braces! for session and cost details).

However, there were additional factors to look at, when it came to her eyes.

Unlike her mouth, which fixed easily, we had behavioural issues come up when her eyes were adjusted.

Thankfully, I was exploring a new modality for myself, here: Your spine carries another map to your unique psychological and spiritual issues. So, using my daughter's Thermal Scan of her spine I could see there were issues I needed to work on in myself, and re-assure her of, as well, through conversation.

thermal scan, vertebrae, spiritual map, organs, emotional, psychological, issues

My Daughter's Thermal Scan

Aligned Chiropractic

Before using this Thermal Scan, a Divine Healing session revealed that my daughter is here to be social and to be liked (Gemini traits), she is also here to be on show (Leo traits). Her beauty is very much tied to her sense of security (2nd house in her natal Astrology) and her being on display is very much tied to how she enjoys life and likes to play (Jupiter in her 5th house, which, for her, is ruled by Leo). I was also reminded that she is very practical and fixed in her ways.

Adding the information identified in her Thermal Scan: First of all, the majority of "out of alignment" was to the left, the feminine side. Secondly, she has a lot that is out of alignment, but I was guided to focus on her mid-back: T5, T6, T7, T8, and T9. The emotions behind these areas include: avoiding feelings (theirs and others), not trusting in the future, not feeling deserving of self-love, shoving unacceptable feelings into her shadow, feeling like she can not trust love, storing her pain, feeling like she has not earned the right to be herself, feeling like "god (aka my parents) will kill me if I am successful", feeling like a victim, and blame throwing.

This gave me a new perspective:

- I may be the one who has to change.

- Her nightmares, when she returned home, may be about me and the fear that I might reject her for having played dress-up and trying to be who others want when she was away from me.

- It may be less about what my in-laws are doing as being wrong, and more that my judgement of what they are doing as wrong that is hurting my daughter, as these may be scenarios that she wants to play out with them - being on show, being liked, even if I disagree.

I spoke with my daughter about finding a happy medium, and that I love and accept her - as much as you can have a conversation like this with a child under 4yrs old. And, I will continue to watch my judgments.

Her behaviour has gotten a bit better, but this is of course still a work in progress. Her eyes too, are better, but sometimes still go out of alignment.

From a physical sense, this is to be expected, as she is having to build muscle strength in her eyes in this new (aligned) eye position, but it is also feedback for me to keep working on the psychological side.

Our kids truly look to us (their parents) for whether or not they can accept themselves.

I want my daughter to be able to accept herself, even if she is different from how I might like her to be. She is entitled to her own life. I don't want her thinking she has to go cross-eyed in order to avoid this conflict with me.

self-acceptance, beauty, self-love

My daughter playing dress-up

If you want to understand your child and the role you play in their lives at a deeper level, feel free to book a FREE no obligation consultation with me, here.

And if your child is going cross-eyed, reach out to Dr Rachel Carson to see if you have other options.

It takes a village to raise a child, and we are here for you!

Love and Bless, Strong Family!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience (Stress & Health)

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