Teeth correction without braces!

Teeth correction without braces!

When my daughter went to her FIRST dentist apt they said she will eventually need braces! Thankfully, there are other options...

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When my daughter was 3yrs and 3months old we took her for her first dental cleaning. Right away, the dentist declared "Well, she's going to need braces". I wasn't there, but I was so upset when I heard the early diagnosis of my child, that I shared this post on Facebook:

upset at constant early diagnosis of children

My post on Facebook

Thankfully, Dr Rachel Carson of Aligned Chiropractic (Burlington) is on the ball, always out in the community sharing her valuable knowledge to support others to make informed decisions, with ZERO pressure.

This was her response:

chiropractor, cranial adjusting turner style, no need for braces, gentle approach

Dr Rachel Carson's response to my concerns.

Of course, life happens, and it took me a while to make my initial appointment with Dr Rachel. Yet, she put no pressure on me. We stayed in contact via email and Facebook, and when the time was right, I showed up at her door.

Turns out, my daughters mouth AND eyes (see Eye correction w/out painful drops, scary machines, patches, glasses, or surgery) were fixable with just 1 assessment and 8 adjustments (many of which were done 2 per day), so over the course of 2 weeks flat, for a total cost of $300 (less 80% insurance coverage), so $60 out of pocket.

It was painless, fun, educational, empowering, and the right fit!

Way better than the estimated $6,000 with zero coverage required for orthodontics, plus a lot of physical and psychological pain, associated with getting braces!

But, lets get back to the procedure...

Dr Rachel Carson is trained in Cranial Adjusting Turner Style (CATS).

CATS is taught exclusively to chiropractors, because you need a proper license in order to be able to move the bones in the body. It is NOT the same as Cranial Sacral Therapy, which can be learned as a stand-alone modality (unregistered) for all kinds of manual therapists (including, but not limited to; osteopaths, massage therapists, chiropractors etc). In addition, Dr Rachel was taught by the founder of the CATS method, Dr Roger L. Turner DC (from Barrie Ontario).

Dr Rachel Carson, understands kids, cranial adjustment turner style

My curious preschooler was right on the target!

It was very interesting, as upon entering Dr Rachel's office, my almost 4yr old daughter asked me "Is Dr Rachel going to help me get rid of the seed in my mouth?"

I thought maybe she was confusing Dr Rachel with a dentist and maybe she had a seed stuck in her mouth from breakfast. But, when I relayed this to Dr Rachel, she actually knew right away what my daughter might be talking about!

Dr Rachel showed us a model of the skull, showing all 20 separate skeletal bones. Here is a view of the top of the mouth:

cranial bones, CATS, cranial adjustment turner style, Dr Rachel Carson

Cranial Bones (looking at the roof of the mouth)

The "seed" my daughter was referring to was the Sphenoid bone in her mouth sitting a bit too low and she could feel the sharp edges on one side.

The "need for braces" was the two Maxilla bones being too far apart a the back of her mouth, which means they are, by default, too close at the front.

In addition, Dr Rachel quickly spotted that my daughter was a bit tongue tied, explaining both the slight delay in speech and our initial difficulty with nursing.

I was a bit surprised by this, as I hired a very highly regarded private lactation consultant, as well as the professionals at Mt Sinai, for support with nursing and no one mentioned her slight tongue tie!

In the end, I am glad they didn't as, it would have been a shame to cut a tongue tie, when waiting a bit longer for speech and the fix for teeth was really no big deal. But, a tongue tie really can have a long standing impact that I feel all parents should be aware of - both of its presence and the options to treat or not.

In any case, the story ends well. Like I said, the dentist knee jerk diagnosis, which got me so mad, led to a Facebook post, which led to a better solution.

Everything happens for a reason.

I am glad Dr Rachel is so on the ball, and out there educating the community on the options, for the sake of our children, kindness, and our pocketbooks.

Thanks Again Dr Rachel. This is not the first time you have brought compassion to our family (see "We need to open our minds when our kids present us with problems" for the amazing support she provided us with, when my son was engaging in very risky behaviour), and I am sure it will not be the last.

Love and Bless, Strong Family (and Strong Community),

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

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