Pregnancy as a spiritual clearing from head to tailbone

Pregnancy as a spiritual clearing from head to tailbone

This isn't your everyday article about how to manage common symptoms in pregnancy. This is about what your unborn child may be trying to do for you in pregnancy

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I am currently carrying my third child.

My first pregnancy was pretty standard, not too many harsh symptoms, but my son definitely started teaching and grooming me to be a better parent within weeks of his birth.

My second pregnancy, on the other hand was very rough. I made multiple trips to labour and delivery with strange symptoms, including: feeling like my baby was pulling on her umbilical cord, feeling like I was going to have an anxious nervous breakdown, and literally wanting to die or to be placed in a coma every night, because the evening morning-sickness was so bad!

My second child was only trying to get me to find my spiritual teachers. This was the only way she knew how to get me there. Eventually the standard pregnancy care would not be enough and someone would direct me to someone who could offer me more.

What they offered me was really quite simple: A referral to a Reiki Master who, through the discussions we would have before and during our Reiki sessions, would open me up to many spiritual concepts.

This was merely preparation for what was to come after my second child was born, and the many books and modalities that would start falling into my lap, to learn spiritual concepts that would allow me to take parenting to the next level!

Sure, Attachment Parenting was great for my son when he was a preschooler, but if I could not get a good understanding of his (and my daughter's) Human Design, Soul Contract, Gene Keys, and Astrology, not to mention be able to use Divine Healing and Messages from the Body to understand, parent, and advocate for them, they would have been toast when they had to enter the school or daycare system.

The difficulties that I had while pregnant with my daughter (second born) allowed me to build the business that I run today, supporting individuals and families.

And then along came my third child!

She is a firecracker! Not that my first two are not. But, my third, knowing I knew the spiritual game by now, hit me up with all the standard "ascension symptoms".

My son (first born) taught me to respect kids through Attachment Parenting, my daughter (second born) taught me to see everyone for their unique strengths, needs, and life path, and my third (unborn daughter) is getting me up to speed, on a spiritual level, so that I can be of better service to her, our family, and others.

Here are my symptoms, in the order they occurred to me:

- remembering past life and between life experiences and agreements

- cutting off people who were no longer supporting my positive growth

- sexual-like kundalini energy buzzing through my body

- blowing up electrical panels

- shifts in the surround sound of my hearing, and ringing in my ears

- nausea, fever, body aches, and flu-like symptoms

- localized headaches

- difficulty sleeping (not enough, then too much)

- nausea when looking at computer screens or being near wifi

- far-sightedness in my left eye

- inability to read or take in more information

- needing to greatly reduce social contact and responsibilities

- pain, nerve/muscle spasms, and loss of strength in my lower arms, wrists, and hands

- sinus congestion, which led to post-nasal drip, then to a chronic cough, and eventually bronchitis (the same thing happened with my second pregnancy, but the end result with that pregnancy was the flu, instead of bronchitis)

- dislocated rib (due to coughing)

- acid reflux (present in all my pregnancies)

- pelvic floor issues

- sore gums, cavities, and tooth pain

- a general yucky feeling, especially after eating, possibly due to the constant release of phlegm/toxins

- occasional plugged/blocked ears

- dizziness, tachycardia, weird brain symptoms (partially related to low iron and elevated TSH; hypothyroidism), see: "Generational Healing, what if your Breeched Baby is trying to tell you something"

- tingling over my cerebellum

- feeling like I am being pulled backwards and off balance

- a tension that runs from the back of my ears and down my neck

- and probably more...

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What to do when you are hit with so many debilitating symptoms in pregnancy?

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So, what do we do when we are pregnant and we get hit with all these symptoms? Especially if we have other kids that we need to care for?

We embrace it as a gift. We ask for help. We understand that our unborn child is creating space for themselves in our lives, and teaching us about the importance of self-care.

There are people who can help, as well.

I can support you on the "been there" and spiritual side. We can look at the name you have chosen for your unborn child to get a sense of who is coming, using Soul Contract work. We can take a look at your Astrology to see if Kundalini Rising may be knocking at your door. And we can do some work together using Divine HealingMessages from the Body, and RestoreChi.

You may want to see a chiropractor, see "Chiropractors serve different layers of the onion" for some options there. And you may want to see an internal pelvic floor physiotherapist, see "Every woman needs to know about internal pelvic floor physiotherapy!!".

You can also take a look at these articles for solutions to various symptoms that tend to occur when your body is not able to keep up with your spiritual growth, which may be driven by us, or by our unborn baby:

- "How to overcome the challenging physical symptoms of spiritual growth", and

- "Stop trying to control how I breathe! Its okay to be angry sometimes, Mama!"

Or, you can message me below, to book a free, no obligation, 15min consultation, to see if I can point you in the right direction, for what you are experiencing.

In the end, even though it may feel like utter torture, it will be over when the baby comes out, and it is all for the best. However, it is often nicer to go through this process with someone who can understand, normalize, and point you in the directions they have found worked for them.

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I am here for you!

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I am also very well versed in talking about having difficulty conceiving, fertility treatments, or deciding whether or not to try for another child. I've been there, and I understand how this process works on a practical and soul/spiritual level, especially if you have experienced multiple losses. There are also RestoreChi tracks that can help.

I can also refer you to someone else, should you prefer to speak with someone who has not had success with pregnancy, as I know this is a difficult subject and I may not be who someone is looking for to hold space for them, given that I have two kids with a third on the way. I've been there too!

In the end, we all just want what is best for you, Hopeful-Mama, Mama-To-Be, or Mama-To-Be-Again.

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We just want what is best for you

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Love and Bless, Strong Family!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

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