Looking for a RestoreChi practitioner?

Looking for a RestoreChi practitioner?

Let me introduce you to a few...

RestoreChi is an amazing modality which allows for the maintenance of health, and the recovery from serious illness. You can read more about the creator of the modality here: "The story behind RestoreChi". And, there are plenty of articles in the "Success Stories using RestoreChi" e-magazine for you to get a taste for a wide variety of applications.

To make things easier for you, I also wanted to share some brief videos, introducing some of our local RestoreChi practitioners, so you can get a sense for their energy, and area of specialty, and decide for yourself who you would like to work with, if this modality is a fit for you. This list may grow, check back often.

Please know, there is a FREE track available on the RestoreChi YouTube channel for the corona/COVID-19 virus that can both help prevent contraction of the virus and reduce symptoms after the virus has been contracted.

**Please do not drop any other cautionary measures you have in place, RestoreChi is to be used in addition to normal practices, NOT instead of!**

For the Lung Repair (corona/COVID-19) track, the recommendation is to:

- play it as loud as possible (not through earphones, as it is the body that has to hear it, not the ears)

- play it for 1 hour at a time (even 10 minutes of exposure is helpful)

- then take a break for at least an hour

- then play it again for an hour

- for a maximum of 4 hours per day.

Over use can lead to: a sore throat, a sensation of weight on the chest, or a runny nose - these symptoms correct themselves when you take a break from using the tracks.

Remember Traditional Chinese Medicine is about BALANCE, not overkill!

For some perspective: The creator of RestoreChi has over 500 users in China, none of them developed corona/covid-19 symptoms. He also had a family in Holland, with a confirmed covid-19 case, and, with just over 1 hour of use, their fever started to come down. This track was run in some of the hospitals in China, and, the “Full Healing” RestoreChi track has been running in several nursing homes in China, for a while now, with excellent results!

Additional perspective: In the beginning of this video, Master Yan explains that his lung track helps to "heal and relax the lungs, and loosen phlegm in the body". Do know, that while he is speaking the healing track is running in the background. Also note all videos/tracks on the RestoreChi YouTube channel with the name "lung" in them are the same healing energy.

From another reliable source: autopsies from China have revealed that the corona/covid-19 virus is characterized by obstruction of the respiratory pathways with thick mucus, that solidifies and blocks the airways and lungs. In order for treatment to take effect, the airways need to be unblocked/opened.

Recommendations such as:

- drinking hot/warm fluids every 20 minutes,

- avoiding cold foods (if possible, probably also avoiding phlegm boosting foods, such as dairy and processed foods), and

- strengthening the body / immune system's ability to fight off illness (i.e., good self-care, reduced stress,  good rest etc.)

...are principles that are echoed in standard RestoreChi practices.

Further recommendations are made, by the source above for: diet, personal hygiene, contact with things other people have touch, and social distancing. Email me at alahnnaa18@yourlifeplan.ca if you want the complete list.

Here are your practitioners:

Tammy Adams, Certified Grief Support and Recovery Specialist:


Angela Borgeest (Nutritionist) offers a free 2hr group introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine, from a RestoreChi perspective, and offers recommendations on how to get started using your free 15 day trial. Email angelnutrition@yahoo.ca for more details!


Kevin Youkhana is the technical lead and a long-standing student of Master Yan, whom you are welcome to reach out to for advice.


Joy Seunarine, Bodyworker and Spiritual Guide:


Al-Karim Chatur, Energy Worker and Emotion/Body Code Practitioner:


Alahnnaa Campbell, Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist:


Nisreen Mama Foda, Reiki Master, Hypnotist, Meditation Facilitator.


Brian Phillips, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner.


Love and Bless, Now and Always!