Know Everything About Mixed Reality

Know Everything About Mixed Reality
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Mixed Reality is the integration of virtual and real environments where both co-exist simultaneously.

Mixed Reality is a relatively new term in the world of simulation as the other two phenomenons – Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – have made quite a name for themselves in the technical biz. Mixed Reality is the integration of virtual and real environments where both co-exist simultaneously. It can be also termed as ‘Hybrid Reality’ as it enables a user to experience the virtual and real environments at the same time frame seamlessly.

Benefits of using Mixed Reality

  • Mixed Reality is a personal and engaging experience: No other form of media can be as personal and engaging as virtual reality. The viewer is transported outside of their surroundings and taken to a completely different experience. This isolates the viewer’s attention and allows for full immersion. Storytellers are using VR as a method of emotional connecting with their viewers, creating powerful stories that transcend other forms of media.
  • Improve employee training: Whether class-based or following study guides in the form of books and online courses, training sessions can now be enhanced or even replaced using mixed reality. Users can be guided step-by-step through modules, with training information overlaid onto real-world parts and assemblies in front of them; reducing the time needed to improve worker’s skill sets.
  • Mixed Reality allows you to make the impossible possible: A Google study of 13-44 years old smart phone users highlighted that one of the most important elements to making a virtual reality experience ‘sticky’ is ensuring that the impossible became possible. This means showing the viewer inside spaces they wouldn’t previously have access to or showing an entirely different viewpoint to their own. VR is in its own league at allowing total immersion for a viewer into an otherwise impossible to access arena.
  • Demonstration of a new product or service: Sometimes it’s best to show a product and its features in real time and no better application exists for this than AR. It can be achieved on anything from a consumer tablet to using Microsoft HoloLens to project a 3D model of a product into the environment.
Know Everything About Mixed Reality

The most recent use of Mixed Reality in Industry Training was seen in sharing real-world virtual workstations. When a number of MR devices are used in a shared space, new collaboration options emerge.