Tips for Choosing the Right Visa for Athletes

Tips for Choosing the Right Visa for Athletes

It is important to look for the right visa when opting to visit another county. This article will keep you covered if you are an athlete.

Determining the type of your visa

The first move that must be taken by international athletes is to decide the correct visa form. Consider B-1 as a Rising Star, P-1 as a Star, O-1 as a Shining Star and EB-1 as a Superstar (the most brilliant) to decide what visa category you apply for. You need to make sure that you get the correct athlete visa.

B-1 Business Visitor-Professional athletes and entertainers may use the category of B-1 Visa to compete in U.S. events and receive prize money that is small enough to comply with the principle that the athlete does not function. Also the B-1 Visa would allow participation in an event held in the U.S. if the athlete is not worldly renowned. The visa period under the Visa Waiver Program is only 6 months (B-1 Visa) or 3 months.

Visa P-1 (Star)

P-1 Athlete Known Internationally. Whether for an individual athlete or for an internationally recognised foreign team, the P-1 Visa is valid.

To compete in the U.S. under the P-1 Visa, the individual athlete, or all members of a foreign team, must be internationally accepted.

Internationally recognised means that in more than one country and not only "locally" in a city or state, athletes need to be recognised.

EB-1 Employment Based Immigration: First Preference – eb1 is a Green Card that mirrors the O-1 Visa but concerns permanent residency as opposed to temporary work. The O-1 Visa is reflected by the concept of extraordinary capability.A person who is in the small percentage of athletes who have risen to the very top of his or her field has the EB-1 Visa available.

To apply for an O-1 EB-1, you can add proof of the work you did during your O-1 to the materials you used to secure an O-1 Visa. This is because some of the O-1 and EB-1 requirements overlap. You may also apply proof of the conditions that are special to the category EB 1It involves:

To judge the work of others.

Original contributions.

Materials Released.

The membership in an organisation includes the excellent achievement of its members.

Even if you are eligible for p1 visa, then make sure that you take the assistance of a professional and make the right choice.