Xdrona Sports Pvt Ltd - Technology Platform

Xdrona Sports Pvt Ltd - Technology Platform
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Xdrona provide a technology platform to the athletes which enables them to access tools and services

Xdrona provide a technology platform to the athletes which enables them to access tools and services at reasonable cost and help them achieve peak sports performance. Aim to incorporate fitness, strength training, core exercises, balance training, and flexibility and stretching into your exercise plan. General fitness training works towards goals of overall health and well-being, rather than sport competition.

A good fitness trainer is a “Medium” for an individual to achieve his/her fitness goals. The role of Fitness Trainer today is more than just providing fitness training services. It goes far beyond that. A good trainer has to help the client to become fitter but he also needs to play a role in keeping the client out of the “Fit Look” trap.

A daily training log, or a training diary, is a journal and a tracker – a personal record of daily routines, emotions, observations, events and experiences and evaluations. It can serve several benefits to an aspiring athlete as it contains a record of their daily performance and health over a while, perhaps even a decade. The best way to maintain a log is to use Xdrona. Xdrona’s online application provides a daily log with visual trackers such as graphs and charts.

Physical fitness is basically the body’s ability to complete physical work​​ and it is essential to maintain good health in order to live a healthy life. Benefits of Regular Assessments for Athletes are Analysis of strengths and weaknesses at a granular level, Learn about discrepancies in your posture if any, Identify and avoid injuries, Check & Assess your growth, Predicts any Chronic Illnesses, Know about Areas of Improvement, Get Customized Fitness Programs and Achieve peak performance in sports.

Anywhere in the world, whenever a Sportsman reaches a milestone of winning something important, the first thing he/she does is to thank the Parents for their role in the journey as an athlete. Yes, it is true that parents forge an athlete with their sacrifice and hard work. Here are some tips for all the aspiring sports parents who are at the start of their sports parent journey.

Good Physical Literacy is a foundation for great sports skills and sports-centric fitness. It is the starting point of one's sports journey. Read why physical literacy is so important

At Xdrona we do an “In-Depth physical fitness & health analysis for injury-free life and achieving peak performance in sports”. The significant advantage you get from these physical assessment tests is not just that one gets to know about the fitness level or physical capability of the person rather you also get to know about the discrepancies in the posture which might have arisen due to lifestyle.

If you have a child who is exceptionally talented and impresses everyone with skills far beyond his age, you see people labeling him differently as gifted and talented. This is very confusing as there is a difference made in gifted and talented children around the world.

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