Small town. Big plans.

Small town. Big plans.

Sometimes living in a remote area forces us to think outside the box. Melissa, owner of Trossachs WP Creations is excited to see what the future holds!

As a Canadian Franchise Company, WP Creations has locations across the country from major cities to remote towns. Our locations are as different as the women who own them.

It's a team effort, built on a system that provides unlimited support to franchisees and their business. But what works in one location may not be what works in another. And that's when thinking outside the box becomes a crucial skill.

My name is Melissa and I am the owner of Trossachs WP Creations in Saskatchewan. I live on a farm, in the country about a 20 minute drive from the closest city. Joining the franchise was an important step in growing the brand and bringing what we do to all corners of the province.

Small town. Big plans.

When my daughter, who is now 2.5 years, was a baby, I had a triple window shadowbox made with the owner in Regina. And as the story goes, I fell in love with the products and the idea of being able to work from home providing keepsakes to families. At the time, I inquired about a location being available for purchase, and it wasn't.

I work for Canada Post but I kept the idea in mind to purchase a territory, especially since I had my second daughter. How amazing would it be to have a side gig that was just for me!

I inquired once again a couple of years later and lo and behold, a territory was available! I still work my day job but what an exciting opportunity I have to bring in extra income, to be an entrepreneur, to capture beautiful memories for clients and to bring awareness to my community about all of the things WP Creations has to offer.

Small town. Big plans.

3D life casts are just one of many keepsakes we can create

To be able to fill the need and continue to provide keepsakes for people willing to travel from major cities is an honour. The previous owner of Regina left some big shoes to fill and I look forward to playing a part in growing my area and providing for all clients until other surrounding territories have been purchased.

In smaller areas with no big box stores, no major baby boutiques, and very few “baby specific” businesses, it's up to me to find my community partners in local business owners in a way that works for us! I will be contacting photographers, a cricut artist, and even a pharmacy to share business ideas and ventures.

Small town. Big plans.

It's a whole new world I am about to enter, and I couldn't be more excited. The support I have received since signing on has been incredible. My coach is available to answer any and all questions and provides virtual video support when needed. There is a plethora of resources available, whether online, over the phone, or within a private group forum.

As we continue to navigate our way through this crazy time, having this business and the flexibility to see as many clients in a week that fits what is going on in my life, is a dream.

Currently working on my 11 month's old shadowbox, I can't wait to see the matching keepsake to her big sister. Never would I have imagined that I would be the one to create it!

Small town. Big plans.

No one knows what this year will bring, but I look forward to making the most of it!