An Anytime Gift For Dad! (Not just for Father's Day!)

An Anytime Gift For Dad! (Not just for Father's Day!)

This is for the Dads out there, being present, giving hugs, being role models and giving the best of themselves to their kids!

Writing from the first-hand experience as a mom comes naturally. As our mom tribe grows, we become more aware of the journies of other moms, the soon to be moms, the not-yet moms, the grieving moms, the single moms and we embrace them. We do our best to make them feel heard, seen and acknowledged. 

We don't always do that for dads. Much of the time dads are given a harder time, possibly unappreciated or underappreciated, unacknowledged and unheard. There is context around how this perspective came about, as typically moms have been known to carry to the mental and emotional load of the family. Moms have generally been known to be the caretakers of the family, and are predominantly the ones who stay at home with the kids. On top of this, dads do have not had a history of having "dad tribes" with whom they can share their thoughts and feelings about fatherhood. However, as all things do, change is happening. It is no longer always the case anymore that dads are not as involved and it is wonderful.

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Every family is different, every circumstance and situation is different. We know that. No matter what, however, it is important to be able to recognize the important roles that present fathers do play in the lives of their children.

It is important to celebrate positive change and to show our appreciation!
We also know it is important to acknowledge all of the same emotional challenges dads face when going down the difficult roads that some moms do. This day will never be easy for some people, and for that, we send our love.

Gift Ideas for Dad

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Raised Impressions

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A Gift for Dad

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Inkless Prints!

Our Inkless print kits are a fantastic way to create a detailed and mess free hand or foot print of your baby or child. Once you create your prints on our specially treated paper, you can photocopy them and create absolutely any hand or foot print craft! We also find our clients love our ink prints for tattoos and baby books.

We also can create hand and foot print jewelry from the Inkless prints. What better gift to give dad than our dog tag chain or keychain with his child’s hand and footprints on it.

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Adorable Pendants made from Hand/Foot Prints

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All Of Our Pendants Can Be Made Into Keychains

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