The Truth About Working From Home With WP Creations

The Truth About Working From Home With WP Creations

A belief in our team, a belief in our system, but most of all a belief in yourself!

The Truth About Working From Home With WP Creations

We grow, we learn from our mistakes, and then we grow some more. Here is our truth about working from home.

In today's world, we as moms, are now more than ever supported and encouraged to live "our best life" and a lot of the time that means having everything we could want and hope for. A healthy mind and body, happy and well-adjusted kids, a strong relationship with our partner and of course the ability to be home with our kids if we choose, meanwhile owning and rocking a successful business and becoming an entrepreneur! It all sounds wonderful and based on some things we read on social media, it can appear to be easier than it really is.

Being an entrepreneur, while absolutely attainable, is hard work, here is why…

Learning Curves

It takes a lot of work, dedication and a willingness to create our beautiful keepsakes.  During this learning process, we realize we are human and will make mistakes.  We take ownership of our mistakes, will learn from them and grow. What an empowering feeling that is, to know we've come out the other side and have success, which is something we all want.

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Learning Curves, Making Mistakes and Recognizing the lesson.


Wanting and being able to work from home are two very different things.  The desire to want to do something and the actual ability to make it happen can make an appealing opportunity fail.  When we become entrepreneurs, we end up wearing many different hats.  This takes patience, organization and a strong ability to multitask especially depending on what other personal responsibilities we may have.


As parents, we take the time to care for everyone around us, but we often forget about ourselves.  When this happens, eventually it takes its toll. It’s like forgetting to change the oil in your vehicle. One day it will come to a crashing halt. Therefore, in addition, to be willing to embrace our mistakes and view them with pride in our learning, confidence, and organization, we also need to consider our overall growth.  As our life experiences expand, our personal desire to better ourselves must also grow.  It is one of the best tools and pieces of advice we, at WP Creations, can give a prospective buyer about how to be a successful artist/franchisee.

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It feels good to see growth within yourself

Why buy a franchise?

The beauty of buying into a franchise, as opposed to starting your own company from the ground up, is so much of that groundwork has been done for you. You're buying into an already proven, working system and you get to reap those rewards.

About WP Creations franchise

WP Creations started in 2001, with an amazing concept, of casting babies' hands and feet. It quickly became one of Canada's fastest growing home-based franchises. Over time we grew and improved our system and we've since discovered ways to foster the development of our team.

Why Buy a WP Creations franchise?

Our work from home moms or dads start off as non-artists buying into our business, and with a team of ongoing marketing, social media and product coaches, along with the support of the entire team as a whole, the once non-artists soon flourish. By creating keepsakes for customers, artists have the pride of knowing they have taken a leap of faith in themselves and have become the entrepreneur they imagined they could be.

When people wonder if they should buy into a franchise, it's important for them to understand purchasing a franchise is buying a license to sell specific products and open a studio, but it also comes with a system to help you to do so.

An extremely important consideration, however, is whether one believes in themselves enough to take full advantage of a system that is already in place for them. It takes work, it takes courage and it takes a belief in yourself to make it work.  Leave everything else up to us :)