My Kids' Matters - 3 Favourite Snow Day Activities!

My Kids' Matters - 3 Favourite Snow Day Activities!

Snow days are the best days to have fun in the...snow!

As an adult, when I think of snow days I think of trying to stay warm! Staying inside, nice and cozy, catching up on whatever I need to catch up on, and perhaps sipping on cup of coffee, covered in blankets, reading a good book.

However, as a work at home mom, a snow day really is like any other day in which none of the above gets done! A girl can dream :)

But then there are the snow days when my kids are home from school and those days, I have no choice but to take a work break, put on some snow pants and get ready for some outdoor fun! My kids LOVE the snow, and their love for it is contagious. The happy medium for me is that after the outside fun, we get to come in, warm up and sip on some hot chocolate, or in my case, I finally get to have that cup of coffee!

My 3 favourite things to do on a snow day and why

Chloe – 8 years old

1. "Digging a giant hole in the top of a mountain because it’s fun to play in with my friends."

2. "Building a fort because then you like can play in them and like have secret bases."

3. "Making a snowman cause then you can make an ice castle with them and they can be your little guards."

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Building a Fort!

Chase – 11 years old

1. "Tobogganing down a hill because we can reach speeds no toboggan could reach."

2. "Snowball fights because it’s really cool to make a base with all sorts of snow traps and what not."

3. "Drinking hot chocolate because when you add milk it’s just easy to drink straight away and the marshmallows get chocolate on them and it’s just delicious."

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Let's go Tobogganing!

Caleb – 6 years old

1. "Chase and Chloe stole my ideas – I don’t want to be the same as theirs."

2. "Make snow buddies with my Peguins because I like them for guards."

3. "Making a snow fort and having a snowball fight."

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My Penguine the Sno-Buddy (Courtesy of Indigo Kids! - link in article)