Are You Forgetting to Show Love to the Most Important Person in Your Life?

Are You Forgetting to Show Love to the Most Important Person in Your Life?

Valentine's Day is a day of Love, but let's not forget the most important person. You!

They say Love is universal because it's an emotion that we all possess. We feed off of it and we need it to survive. We have the ability to love unconditionally, we love fiercely and we love wholeheartedly. Sometimes, however, Love is a choice. We don't choose to love our kids, we just do. We don't choose to fall in love, we just do. We don't choose to love tacos, we just do ;) But do we love ourselves the same way? Have you made the choice to love yourself today? It seems that a particular kind of love, these days, doesn't come as easily. Sometimes, it is downright difficult. As parents, caregivers, as moms and dads, friends and partners, we give so much of ourselves to others. We do that because we love, we protect and we support. It's in our nature.

But sometimes, we're so busy loving others that we forget to love ourselves just the same.

Love and Self Care


They say when our kids are young, the days are long but the years are short. In this case, it is extra important to be the best version of yourself through all of it.

Self Care is so important for your overall well being and sense of self.

So, today, on this Valentine's day, the day of love, red and pink hearts, cinnamon candy, chocolate, and romance, make the choice to love who you are entirely. For all of your perceived flaws, your past mistakes, and your future mishaps. Love yourself for the mom in you, the friend in you, the partner in you. Love the warrior in you, the daughter or son in you. Love the human being in you. Love yourself in your body, treat your body with respect, love who you were and who you are becoming. Treasure the memories of now, live in the present. Be you.

From all of us at WP Creations, Happy Valentine's Day! Whatever today looks like for you, we thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to creating beautiful keepsakes for your most treasured memories, for your loved ones and for you!

Loving and Caring for yourself looks different for everyone

Love Yourself First

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