What If My Baby Keepsake Ornament Breaks?

What If My Baby Keepsake Ornament Breaks?

OMG! My child is 5 years old now and I'm worried the ornament we had made of him as a baby is going to break! What do I do now?

Eek! What a tragic thought! Knowing what heart and soul goes into making this product and what this product means to our customers, the thought of this breaks my heart!

You're not alone in this thought, however, we have had several families who have had their Raised Impression ornament break! True and unfortunate stories!

They are ceramic, which we do our best to ensure is dried and cured properly, however it still comes down to the law of gravity and how well these keepsakes are preserved.

No one can predict how they will break if they do fall, some will shatter while some might have a crack or two.

Here's what you should know. We do not have these moulds to recreate your Raised Impression ornament should it break. Once it's been created, the mould is only usable for another few weeks. It is also extremely rare we can piece back together your raised impression, and even if so, it will never be the same. You will likely see the areas where it's adhered back together.

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Our best solution and piece of advice is to prevent it from breaking in the first place! No one intentionally drops it, but "I'll be careful" isn't enough of a guarantee because, of course, accidents happen.

A fantastic (and beautiful!) way to prevent this from happening, is to frame your Raised Impression ornament at the time of the appointment. It's cheaper as it will cost you more to bring it back later!

If you happen to have chosen not to frame at the appointment but would like to later on, here are some things to consider if you're not sure who should be framing it...

1. We are biased, but of course having a professional LifeCast artist from WP Creations frame it for you, is the best solution. We've been trained, we've been in business for almost 20 years and have learned how to properly mount our products in the frame, and which materials and supplies work best.

2. If you're thinking about framing it yourself, as a caution, super glue and a glue gun do not work. Our adhesion process is a multistep process to ensure the product has the ability to cure. The frame materials are all acid-free which means your product has the best chance to last a lifetime and won't yellow or disintegrate. If you frame it yourself, you run the risk of the Raised Impression ornament falling out of the frame! Eek again!

3. Perhaps you're thinking about taking it to a frame store. You are still running the same risks as previously mentioned, however now you're looking at a much higher price point. Our advice would be to price it out as soon as possible after your appointment, have your LifeCast artist adjust your bill and add the framing (this has a very short window of opportunity - approx 48 hours). Efficient and more cost-effective!

4. And last, if you're assuming you'll come back and frame at a later date, while this is definitely a possibility, it is in your best interest to frame right away at the appointment. It is additional work for the artist, it's a new appointment, it's preparation for mounting and another pickup appointment, therefore there are additional costs that come with framing later. You will end up spending more than if you had framed it from the start.

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To close, we would like to share a personal story on behalf of Jamie Berube, the President of WP Creations. She too has had some of the same issues happen to her before she realized the benefits of framing.

Prior to being a part of the company, Jamie bought her own frame. She tried the superglue and glue gun to frame her own Raised Impression ornament and naturally, it ended up falling off the mat. This could have been extremely heartbreaking had she not been there to catch it! Her son, who had been a few years old by then, would have never been able to have his little 3 month hand and foot redone. Thank goodness for quick mom hands.

You can, of course, bring your Raised Impression ornament back anytime to your local LifeCast artist for framing, however, to prevent any of the above scenarios happening to you, we do highly recommend framing at the time of the appointment.

Jamie Berube

President of WP Creations