My Kids' Matters: Our 3 Favorite Foods and Why

My Kids' Matters: Our 3 Favorite Foods and Why

When kids learn the benefits of healthy eating, their food choices reflect that as they grow into adults.

For the first 12 months of their lives I worked hard on figureing out my kids' food personalities and building good habits. Turns out it was worth the work and I am fortunate in what they eat. If there is something they don't like, I have them just eat a bite or two and never force to finish or create stress around it. It is important to me that they at least try. It doesn't deter me from serving it, I will always serve dinner as is, I will put it on their plates and more often then not, they end up eating it!

Overall, my kids pretty much eat anything. They adore fruits and veggies, they understand the importance of protein and what it does for the body, and that it comes in many forms. They do love their sugary snacks but are also very aware of how much they are eating and the effects it has on them when they've eaten too much. For their young ages, I am proud of how aware they are of nutrition and to a certain point, what responsibilities they have to their own bodies in building a healthy lifestyle and properly fueling their fun and active lives!

What are your favourite foods and why?

Caleb – 6 years old

1. "Egg cause it has all that yolk in it and it makes me be healthy"

2. "Bacon it tastes yummy"

3. "Meat it’s the sort of thing that makes me strong"

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Eggs are good for you

Chloe – 8 years old

1. "Watermelon because it’s juicy"

2. "Pizza because it’s crunchy"

3. "Apples because they're yummy"

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Chase - 11 years old

1. "Burgers because they’re just really juicy"

2. "Chips because they’re salty"

3. " Popcorn because it’s buttery"

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Each month we will be sharing stories from kids and we hope you return and follow our journey.

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