Fingerprint & Toeprint Jewelry. Where does the inspiration come from?

Fingerprint & Toeprint Jewelry. Where does the inspiration come from?

Our love for preserving memories is the drive behind creating one of a kind pieces for our unique clients.

Sometimes we get asked:

Where does the inspiration for our products come from?

Ask the Expert

Jamie Berube – Owner of WP Creations.

Simply put, our customers are our inspiration. Our love for preserving memories, our experience with loss, our experience of joy, and our knowledge of how quickly time goes by, all provide us with the passion and drive to create a one of a kind piece for each of our unique clients.

We don't create memories. Memories are already ingrained in our experiences, in our hearts, and in our minds. What WP Creations does is create tangible keepsakes that help keep those memories alive.

Our fingerprint/toeprint jewelry is one of our most beloved products by our artists and clients alike. To have your loved one's print on a pendant is something that some customers like to have to be able to carry close to their hearts as something they can wear every day. Perhaps a gift just for mom or dad, a way to carry their kids with them when at work, or a mini pendant for a charm bracelet to be given to a Grandparent or Godparent. Perhaps the print is of a loved one that has passed and to wear it on a necklace every day is helping to keep a memory alive and to feel their presence.

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Pandora Inspired Mini Fingerprint/Toeprint Pendant

Our fingerprints and toeprints are unique in an obvious way, of no two people having a similar print, but also unique in a subtle way. No two pendants will look alike either. Not all prints will come out looking the same, fingerprints and toeprints will not always look similar but that is what is so beautiful and thoughtful about these pieces. And of course, the possible addition of name stamping and birthstone charms add a little extra sweet touch to an already perfect pendant.

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Heart Shaped Fingerprint/Toeprint Pendant with Birthstone Charms

We get asked about our toeprints specifically, on occasion. People wonder why we would take a toeprint and not a fingerprint, and the reason is, before a certain age (or perhaps even after) a toe print is more defined than a fingerprint. Most of our pendants taken are, in fact, of toeprints as many of our other keepsakes are more specific to babies. Some of our pendants come out with detailed fine lines, and others display more creases than lines.

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Dog Tag Keychain Finger/Toeprint Pendant

Whatever your pendant looks like, you can be assured that it was handmade with care and love and will be something you can wear close to your heart, hold between your fingers and feel against your skin, for years to come. The perfect print, to capture a perfect memory.

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