The cost of building a home addition

The cost of building a home addition

Ever wondered what the cost of building a home addition is? Thinking about adding a new room to your old home? Read this article to get some guidance.

A difficult question to answer is “how much is this house addition going to cost?”. What is in mind of most people is finding great savings while getting the home addition of their dreams, one that they can enjoy with their family and friends. Regardless of how small your plan originally is, costs can rise dramatically in most home addition projects. This is why it is important to understand that unless you have an unlimited budget (most of us don't), at some point you will have to make compromises and cut some of your costs.

Let's talk ranges. A typical home addition cost will go between 10,000 to 200,000 Canadian dollars or more. The cost of the renovation will greatly depend on the scope of the project, the finishing elements being chosen and the costs of labour. Interestingly enough, location is another important consideration in cost. Keep this in mind when looking at those high end finishes, before you know, they will add up really quick. You may also want to consider that some high end stuff comes with complicated installations or more labour costs.

So, with all these costs, why do people look into home renovations and home additions? Well, with rising home prices and ever increasing competition from other home buyers in the market, moving into a new house becomes more difficult.

Home renovations and additions are far more accessible, plus, if you like your current house, your neighbourhood and your family is well settled in your location, a customized renovation will give you exactly what you want at a better price than trying a new home.

Now that you have these numbers in mind, you are ready to start asking for bids from different contractors. Call at least 3 home renovation companies and request for an estimation. Careful with the cheapest options, they are frequently not the right one. Look into the labour costs being quoted, the finishes, and if the estimation considers complications or changes in costs. Talk to the estimator and ask about the company's experience, references and talk to previous clients.

At Woodridge Construction Home Renovations, we work hard at giving you the home addition you want and also make sure that it fits with the rest of your home, improving the look instead of fighting with it. Remember this when getting your home addition done, not all contractors care about this, but you should.

Are you thinking of doing a home addition? Contact Woodridge Construction, our experience, ability to create additions that are coherent with the rest of your house and client references will help you enjoy your renovation and your home for many years to come.