What Is Cricut.com/setup, And How Does It Work?

What Is Cricut.com/setup, And How Does It Work?

Are you wondering what cricut.com/setup is and how it works? Well, you have hit the right site. In this article, we’ll explain the official site of Cricut, how to download the Design Space program, how to register a Cricut machine, sign into the Design Space program, and more. In addition, you’ll learn how to set up a Cricut machine on your operating system, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

No matter which Cricut machine you purchase, you will need to download the Design Space program onto your device. Design Space is a digital software used to set up and create craft projects with the Cricut cutting machine. It consists of tools for creating, modifying, and customizing your DIY projects. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is Cricut.com/setup Used For?

A Cricut machine is a cutter printer that can cut all types of materials, such as paper, vinyl, fabric, cardstock, leather, and balsa wood, including iron-on (HTV). With the Cricut machine, you can cut, draw, print, iron-on transfers, and many more. However, some Cricut machines only cut balsa wood and leather. If you are using a Cricut machine for the first time, you need to visit Canon’s official site cricut.com/setup to set it up.

At cricut.com/setup, you will get all the Cricut setup guides for your desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Cricut machines are useful for anything from cutting to printing and iron-on transfers. It can not only carve or cut but also with more precision and powerful force, which you can’t cut by hand.

How To Download Design Space On a PC Via Cricut.com/setup?

To start creating projects with the Cricut machine, you’ll need to download the Design Space program to your device. The Design Space program can be installed on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Follow the basic instructions below to download and install the program on a PC:

First of all, you have to open an internet browser on a PC.

In the next step, navigate Cricut’s site at “design.cricut.com.”

Hit the Download button on the next screen.

Double-click on the program file when the download is done.

Click Yes if your window prompts whether you trust the program.

A Cricut Design Space Setup window will display the installation progress.

On your next screen, sign in with your Email/ Cricut account and Password.

The Design Space program for a PC icon is added to your PC window.

Right-click on the Cricut Design Space icon and select the option Pin to Taskbar.

Enjoy creating projects on a PC with the Design Space program.

How To Register a Cricut Machine On Design Space Via Cricut.com/setup?

Cricut machines are registered (automatically) when you complete the New Machine Setup. To register a Cricut machine on the Design Space program, follow the simple and easy instructions in the section below:

First, open your internet browser and navigate to cricut.com/setup on a device.

After that, select the appropriate option for the Cricut machine.

Follow the on-screen prompts to open or download the Design Space program.

If prompted, select the machine model and proceed with the on-screen instructions to finalize the setup.

Once the setup is done, the Cricut machine will be registered in your account.

How To Sign In To Cricut Design Space On a Device?

Once you have registered your account at cricut.com/setup, you can access your account. Below are the complete procedures for signing into the Design Space program.

In the first step, open your browser on your device.

In the search bar, input the URL cricut.com/setup and then hit the Enter key.

You will now reach the Account section on your next screen.

After that, you will see the “Sign in” button on the screen.

In the next step, input the credentials to access your account.

To create a new Cricut account, you need to select the Create Cricut ID section.

Now, you need to input the required details.

Then, tick the mark to accept the Terms and Conditions section.

After that, select the Send me Emails option to be informed of updates.

You need to click on the “Create Cricut ID” section again.

Once your Cricut account is created, enter the correct credentials.

Cricut Setup Guide

Before you begin, you’ll need to set up your Cricut machine. You will need a computer or smartphone and stable internet to set it up. Follow the instructions below to set up your new Cricut machine.

As your initial step, plug in properly and turn on the Cricut machine.

Connect the machine to your device using a wireless Bluetooth or a USB cable.

To download the Design Space program, go to Canon’s official site at cricut.com/setup.

After that, follow the on-screen prompts to finalize the setup procedure.

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