Top 8 Android Productivity Apps to Enhance Work Efficiency

Top 8 Android Productivity Apps to Enhance Work Efficiency

Time management is one most important skill everyone wishes to be good at. However, quite a few use their time as they want. So, if you are one of those who always run out of time and find it hard to create a balance between your work and personal life, in this case, using some Android Productivity Apps in your daily life can work as a boon.

1. Microsoft Apps

Whether you are working on a job or still studying in college, Microsoft Apps will always be handy for you. Additionally, being familiar with these apps will make your life a lot easier. You can use any of the Microsoft Android Productivity Apps, such as Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, or others, as per your need. Plus, you can use the Microsoft To-Do app if you want to have an app to make a day-to-day To-Do list.

2. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking apps. This app allows you to share various forms of information such as images, text, audio files, videos, and many others. You can use this app for free, but you have to go for the paid version if you want to use some advanced features of this app.

Furthermore, this app offers you cross-device syncing, which helps you in getting access to your data using other devices. You have to pay from USD 8 to USD 15 based on your chosen plan.

3. Tick Tick

The Tick Tick app has a very simple interface and is very easy to use. Additionally, this app also has the cross-synching feature. In this app, you can assign a variety of tasks and set a time for them. This app also helps you to set deadlines and get notifications for tasks. Apart from that, you can share the task and the reminders with the other family members or the office colleague. In short, this app is designed to get you ahead in life and is considered among the most prominent Android Productivity Apps.

4. ProofHub

ProofHub is another excellent app in the category of Android Productivity Apps. This is an all-in-one app that makes various tasks more straightforward for you. In this app, you can manage a project and your team, no matter whether you are in your office, home, or enjoying a vacation in a foreign country.

Moreover, ProofHub provides a complete overview of the project you are working on. Plus, it gives an overview of other things, such as tasks, people, notes, events, etc. It works with apps like iCall, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and many others.

5. Trello

Trello can be your free virtual task manager, which will keep you ahead in many tasks at your home and office. Plus, this app also allows you to connect and collaborate easily with your family member, colleague, or employees. The app is compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Wear OS support.

Moreover, it is entirely free, which makes this app one of the most compelling Android Productivity Apps without spending any money. So, you can consider this app if you want to have your day-to-day task organized and finish them on time.

6. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is definitely one of the most useful apps for keeping files safe and secure. This is a file management app and has a very simple and clean UI. It has a variety of excellent features, which make it one of the most prominent Android Productivity Apps to have on your phone. Additionally, this app work with RAR, TAR, ZIP, 7zip, and archives, and you can directly connect it to other apps such as Google Drive, DropBox,, and others.

Furthermore, you can use this app for free during its free trial. However, you can also get this app with a single in-app purchase at USD 2.99.

7. Grammarly

No matter whether you are a business, employee, or student, you must have to write something on a daily basis, such as emails and assignments. So, those write-ups have a fair chance of making grammar mistakes. In this case, Grammarly can be a very handy app in increasing your productivity and saving a lot of your time in finding errors.

The Grammarly app helps you to write clear and crisp written text copies without any grammatical mistakes. Additionally, it suggests more suitable words and rephrased sentences to increase the quality of the text. You can use this for free as well as a paid version if you want to have access to more advanced features.

8. Google Keep

Google Keep is another functional Android Productivity apps that are good for taking online notes as well as making a To-Do list. Using this app, you can share your thoughts and ideas with your family, friends, or colleagues. Additionally, this app allows you to label, categorize, or color-code notes and set reminders for a specific time. Besides that, the Google Keep app transcribes your voice memo so you can get it later when you need it.


Above, you get to know about the 8 best Android Productivity Apps you can use for your work, school, college, or daily life. Besides that, many other Android apps are available that you can use. So, you can use any of these apps as per your choice to increase your productivity.

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