How To Download Fonts For Cricut? [An Ultimate Guide]

How To Download Fonts For Cricut? [An Ultimate Guide]

Do you want to download fonts for Cricut? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Changing fonts can really improve the project look of whatever you are creating. Once you learn where to look for fonts and how to download fonts for Cricut, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you use a PC or Mac, fonts are easy to download and install for Cricut. Use Cricut Design Space for stickers or T-shirt designs to make the most attractive font.

You can access and use fonts on a computer in the Cricut Design Space. Find your favorite fonts and download them to your device. It is a skill that every Cricut user wants to know how to achieve. Keep reading to learn how to download fonts for Cricut to use all those fun fonts in your DIY craft projects.

What is the Major Difference Between .ttf and .otf Fonts?

Most of the fonts you download will be one of two file types: a .ttf file or a .otf file. TTF stands for TrueType Font, and OTF stands for OpenType Font.

The major difference between the 2 file types is that OTF fonts have more advanced features, like special characters and decorations, which give you more choices when designing with the type.

If you’ve the option, install the .otf file. It will work fine for you if you only have a .ttf file.

Detailed Instructions: How To Download Fonts For Cricut?

In order to download fonts for Cricut to do attractive projects, follow the steps given below:

It is not too tricky if you have never downloaded a font before. Like many other files or documents, fonts are usually a file (or a collection file if a font has more than one format or variation). Here are some common file formats to watch:

TTF (TrueType Fonts)

OTF (OpenType Fonts)

TTF files are a great option for all types of font use. OTF is often a preferred file for designers, as it can have a lot of other content and information, like options, glyphs, and ligatures that can create more typographic choices. Select the one you like. Both work in the Cricut Design Space.

To download a font, ensure you have saved it on your PC. Your font will either be a file or a compressed file that you need to open and remove.

Never installed a font on your PC before? Check out these free tutorials. They will show you through the process for PC or Mac.

But if you return to the Cricut Design Space, at this point, you won’t see your newly installed system font. What gives?

Be sure to turn off the Cricut Design Space. It will need to reload system fonts. Before closing the software, save any open work you want to keep.

After closing the Cricut Design Space, open it back up.

Open your existing project or start a new project. Then, either select text or use the text tool to place. Then, we can reaccess text options as we did before.

If you’ve many fonts installed, you make it easier to find the Cricut font by typing its name in the search bar mentioned below. The font we use is Imani Serif.

New custom font additions are now listed for use while we check out the Cricut font library. We have successfully installed and accessed a custom downloaded font in the Cricut Design Space.

How To Access Fonts in Cricut Design Space

Follow the steps for downloading and accessing a new font within the Cricut Design Space.

First, download the font you want to use. Make a note of which folder the font file is downloaded to.

Next, unzip the font file folder. Double-tap on the individual font file. (Most font files end in .ttf or .otf.) Follow the steps on your computer to install the font file.

Once your font is installed, open your Cricut Design Space app. (If your Cricut Design Space is already open on your device, you may need to close it and then open it again.)

Now, create a new project, and add a new text layer. Choose your Text tool to add a new text box to the canvas. Then, press the Font menu in the top toolbar to change the font.

Tip: You can search for fonts by typing in the font’s name. Also, you can click the “System” filter to display all fonts installed on the computer.

Tips and Tricks to Use Fonts with Cricut Design Space

There are some things to remember when creating text features for your project. If you start a project and then go looking for other fonts, be sure and save your project.

You will lose all your project work if you refresh your Cricut Design Space page. While you are done, you may decide that you need to download a different font for your craft project. It’ll not be available in your font list until you refresh the page.

Check out some fonts when you’re browsing free font sites. Download them before starting your projects; they will be available when you are done designing.

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