10 Best Cricut Blades You Should Check Out in 2022

10 Best Cricut Blades You Should Check Out in 2022

The best Cricut blades help cut all types of materials with great cutting shapes and sizes using the Cricut machine – Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore Series, and smaller blades for the Cricut Joy. It means doing everything from trimming vinyl and fabric to applying embossing cards and foil cutting metals.

Cricut machines are leading brands in the craft, helping professionals and hobbyists to make great projects from gifts and cards to custom wallpaper and car decals. In this blog on the best Cricut blades, we will go through which blades you need on the Cricut machine, the more exciting Cricut blades used to achieve outstanding finishes in foil, those that require cutting wood, and many more. Let’s start with the best Cricut Blades for Cricut Explore Series and Maker and then the best Cricut Joy Blades.

Best Cricut Blades for Cricut Explore Series and Cricut Maker

Cricut Premium Fine-Point Blade – The Best Replacement Blade Is Always The Easiest

Some replacement blades are the most important of the Cricut supplies that are always on hand. You can get non-Cricut replacement blades inexpensively, but we recommend sticking to Cricut’s blades for guaranteed quality. All blades are manufactured from premium German carbide steel; its gold-colored make complex cuts in various thin to medium-weight materials, including paper, poster board, cardstock, vinyl, and iron-on.

Cricut Wavy Blade – Best Cricut Blade for Making’ Wavy’ Edges

The Cricut wavy blade does just that, cutting a wavy, smooth edge on various materials, like card, vinyl, and fabric. This blade is great for making unique and whimsical finishing touches for most projects.

This blade is extremely easy to change for an existing blade using Cricut’s QuickSwap housing system. Once attached it makes smart wavy edges to give each project a unique touch and does in a faster time and with less bother than a standard drag blade.

Cricut Basic Perforation Blade – Best Cricut Blade for ‘Tear-Off’ Projects

The Cricut basic perforation blade is the best for making ‘tear-off’ projects, like calendars, coupons, raffle tickets, and collectible paper dolls. It trims paper, cards, foil stock, and fabric materials. This blade can cut 2.5mm teeth with 0.5mm gaps.

This blade works great for any project where you must make material that can be torn similarly. This is a specific use, but some craftsmen will also need it, for example, if you make tear-books or poster books of your craft.

Cricut Bonded-Fabric Blade – Best Cricut Blade for Applique and Sewing Projects

The Cricut bonded-fabric blade has a specific use, allowing to cut and trim rigid, bonded, backed fabrics. This blade is created for professional-level use. The high-grade German carbide steel blades don’t dull with use and are likely to cut continuously for about 6 months.

This blade has some lovely design touches, like the metallic pink finish that will match the color of the Cricut FabricGrip mat. This is the blade you need if you make applique and sewing projects that require precision.

Cricut Fine Debossing Tip – Best Cricut Blade for Elegant Paper Crafts

Unlike conventional craft debossing folders, the Cricut fine debossing tip is a roller that can be attached to the Cricut Maker and used to create any design. It provides great freedom to make designs and debossed textures on cards and decorations.

This blade uses a ceramic roller to make imported debossed patterns from the Cricut Design Space. It takes photos into place and can be used with materials such as cardstock, foil craft board, poster board, foil poster board, foil cardstock, craft board, etc. The only downside is it’s limited to using the powerful Cricut Maker.

Cricut Knife Blade – Best Cricut Blade for Dense Materials

The Cricut knife blade can cut dense materials like leather, wood, craft foam, and more; this blade is the best fit if you use Cricut Maker to make more than card projects.

This 12mm carbide blade easily cuts materials you want to use to make puzzles, dioramas, and even leather bags and accessories. Because you will be using it to cut difficult material, it only works with Cricut Maker or Cricut Maker 3.

Cricut Deep-Point Blade – Best Cricut Blade for Difficult Materials

You need a Cricut deep-point blade, especially for difficult craft projects. This little miracle blade cuts through difficult materials like chipboard, rigid felt, and hard cardboard. Also, it can cut through magnetic materials.

This blade includes a sharpening angle of 60 degrees as opposed to the standard 45 degrees, enabling it to dig deeper into those difficult materials. This blade can be used with all Cricut Explore machines and Cricut Maker, but not with the Cricut Joy.

Cricut Engraving Tip – Best Cricut Accessory for Engraving On Metal and Leather

The Cricut engraving tip is perfect for making personalized gift and craft projects out of metal and leather. It has everything from written messages to complex drawings and designs. It permanently engraved metal tags and badges, leather goods, etc.

The premium carbide steel lasts and delivers great flexibility for most craft projects. We recommend using it with other blades, like debossing and wavy blades, to make more complex designs. This can be costly, and while you may not need the entire consignment, you will find it helpful.

Best Cricut Blades For Cricut Joy

Cricut Joy Replacement Blade – The Important Replacement Blade for Cricut Joy

Do all your projects with the Cricut Joy replacement blade. This is a hard-wearing and adjustable blade. This blade can be used for basic projects, like cards, tags, stickers, etc.

This blade rarely sticks or tears and is easily swapped out for the old blade. Compatible with all Cricut Joy projects, including infusible ink, transfer sheets, insert cards, etc. This blade doesn’t have a blade housing, but you’ve one in the Cricut Joy. Cricut packs a blade and housing if you need a new blade.

Cricut Joy Foil Transfer Kit – Best Cricut Joy Blade for Foil Finish

The Cricut Joy foil transfer kit enables you to add a shimmer and glow to typical paper and card projects. Also, you can make foil blocks and cut them out or cut out complex foil designs to transfer onto existing cards, tags and invitations. Inside the box, you’ll find a tip for trimming and cutting foil sheets and 12 sheets. There’s also tape to hold the foil sheets in place. Usually, you don’t need tape, but it helps because the metal sheet can slip.

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