How to setup cricut maker machine

How to setup cricut maker machine

If you have ever desired to make shirts with a Cricut machine maker, you are in luck. In this blog, we will show you just how simple it is to create amazing custom shirts with Cricut and iron-on vinyl. One of the most essential and popular reasons people purchase a Cricut device is to create a custom shirt! And I find it – Cricut shirts are one of the lovable crafts I tried, too! We have this blog with beginners in mind, so we will move through the whole operation in depth from beginning to finish.

What You Require To Make Cricut Shirts

The Cricut machine really is the best and perfect tool for cutting iron-on vinyl for shirt making. Here are the materials that you require to make a shirt with a Cricut device.

Cotton shirt, pre-washed without fabric softener.

Iron-on vinyl.

Light Grip or an older Standard Grip Cutting Mat.

Cricut machine.

Weeding tools.

A folded towel or Cricut Easy Press mat to protect your work layer.

Household iron, Cricut Easy Press, or heat press.

Simple Steps To Making A Shirt With Cricut Machine

Step 1: Create or Upload the Shirt Design

The very first step is to create or upload the shirt design. We will be utilizing the Cricut Design Space, where you can browse existing designs or projects of your own image or design. There are three options that you use to create or upload the shirt design.

Option 1: Select a pre-made design in the Cricut Design Space.

Option 2: Upload an SVG or image file to the Cricut Design Space.

Option 3: Make your own design in the Cricut Design Space.

Step 2: Cut Iron-On Vinyl with a Cricut device

First, you have to load the vinyl onto the cutting mat. When you are ready, click the button to load the mat into the device. Then it is time to send the project file to the Cricut device. Go back to your computer system and the Cricut Design Space application. Then, send the file to the Cricut device. Given below how to do that:-

Press the green “Make it” in the upper-right corner.

On the next, to make the screen ready, press the “Mirror” toggle button to move it On. And then, press Continue.

And the next Make screen, choose your base item. Select everyday Iron-On from the Popular items list.

Step 3: Weed the design.

After the vinyl is cutover, you have to unload the mat. Then you need to grab your weeding tools. You are removing or weeding all the extra bits of vinyl you do not desire to transfer to your shirt. After removing the bigger pieces, move back with small tweezers or tools to weed the small bits.

Step 4: Prepare for Pressing

Now it is time to have everything ready to press at the very first set up of your workspace. Take a clean folded towel or your Easy Press mat on a flat, heat-resistant, sturdy surface. Since you will be putting a fair bit of pressure on, avoid utilizing a flimsy ironing board. Then you have to lay the pre-washed shirt out flat on a clear Easy Press mat. Utilize the Easy Press machine to preheat the shirt for 5 seconds.

Step 5: Apply the Iron-On Vinyl to the Shirt

On the middle vinyl design on the shirt. I usually locate the design about 2 inches down from the shirt collar, depending on the length of the shirt. Locate the vinyl design on the shirt with the shiny layer up. It means that the plastic carrier sheet is up, and the dull color vinyl layer is touching the shirt fabric.

After that, apply heat to the vinyl project as instructed by the Cricut Heat Transfer Guide. And then, move the shirt over and put heat to the back of the design as mentioned by the Cricut Heat Transfer Guide.

Keep the shirt cool to the touch, and carefully remove the plastic transfer sheet.


Can you utilize a Cricut device to make shirts?

Cricut devices can cut intricate projects or designs from iron-on material that you can simply apply to blank shirts. Need to make a shirt with us? You can begin with this shirt project in the Cricut Design Space program as your template. Our shirt has the text and draws Salt Lake City on it, but you can create and customize it to your favorite city.

Do you require a heat press machine to make shirts with the Cricut device?

Yes, a heat press machine is a standard machine when making items made with heat transfer vinyl. I had to give advice against selling items utilizing heat transfer vinyl that was applied with an iron. Utilizing a heat press machine when making items with heat transfer vinyl is the standard grip if you are planning to sell those shirts.

Can you utilize a regular iron-on with a Cricut device?

Cricut device everyday Iron-On works fantastically with a huge variety of base items, such as wood! Intricate projects are easy and simple to cut with your Cricut device, and you will weed with simple to prep for a flawless program. Discover cutting and program instructions and tips mentioned below.

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