Best Online Photo Book Services of 2020

Best Online Photo Book Services of 2020

No matter how digitized we all become, there is never going to be a replacement of the feeling that comes when you hold your family photos, reminding you of all the memories from the yesteryears. Now that the world has slowed down due to the global pandemic, you have plenty of time to go through your old pictures and memories.

Photo books or albums are where our parents have saved all the stories. They are a great way to keep your pictures safe. In modern times, people don’t consider getting photo books or albums done, but if you give it to someone, they will hold it as a life-lasting memory. The class of 2020 graduated online, and the photo book will be a perfect gift to your classmates, teachers, or anyone. They will hold this possession or memories all life long.

Getting a photo book done when the world is closed can be a difficult task. And, here, the online services come to the rescue. There are a variety of online photo book service providers who will mail the final product at your doorstep. To make your hunt for the best service providers effortless, we have listed the best ones below.


They offer photo books, cards, wall art, calendars, and more. They are specialized in creating photo books that can be customized by you from the dozens of templates and sizes of books that they offer. Use the Simple Path feature to layout, edit, and decorate your photos. You can’t export photos to Shutterfly from your social media handles and also from Shutterfly’s Art Library, but make sure that all your photos are uploaded in JPEG format. Currently, they are running an offer where if you make a purchase for over $40, you can use the code SHIP39 to get some relief on your purchase.


You can customize your photo books for $16. They give you complete creative control on your photos, so that you can customize everything according to your requirements. You can take inspiration from their customers and creators using the ‘#Mixbook’ designs. They ensure that you can customize your pictures and edit them as per your preferences, using the variety of templates, themes, texts, font styles, and more. The return policies make sure that you get the best quality product only, or else you can return it without any hassle. They are also running offers on their website.

Amazon Prints

They provide the best services at pocket-friendly prices. You can customize every feature of your photo book, from print type to paper quality. Choose from hundreds of themes that are available on their website. You can print up to 150 pages of photos, texts, or embellishments at a time. You can get your photo book layout in different sizes. It is very simple to use; you have to choose your photos for the book, then add your customized designs and place your order.


Create an account to keep your data safe and secure. You can upload or add pictures from any social networking handle or computers or Google Photos. Choose from the variety of templates, themes, fonts, and other editing options they offer to create the best out of your pictures. You can customize the templates to swap pages from your photo book for backgrounds or themes. Some templates have drop shadows for pictures to make them look real and traditional. Keep an eye on their website as they always come up with the best limited-time offers.


It is one of the best photo book service providers as it has all the professionals features that most of the websites lack. You can choose from various sizes option that ranges from 7 by 7-inch to 13 by 11-inch in standard landscape mode. You can get your cover in either of the three modes, i.e., softcover, ImageWrap (hardcover), Dust Jacket (hardcover). Customizing the paper texture of the photos is also available. You can customize your pictures using the desktop, browser, mobile tools, Adobe InDesign, and PDF uploader. They allow you to sell your printed or digital photo books from their book store that can help you to extend your reach to the audience all around the globe.

Walmart Photo

Their services require you to create an account on Walmart’s website before you begin customizing your product. They allow you to customize every part of your photo book from binding to cover type to book size and more. But they do not provide a wide range of photo editing options and embellishments as compared to other websites. You can swap the templates quickly and upload photos from any social media handle, computer, Dropbox, or Google Photos.

Google Photos

It doesn’t include the procedure to upload your photos to create the photo book. You can simply select your pictures from the Google Photos app and create the photo book then and there using the For You tab (available only on Google Pixel 3 phones and desktop). You can then click on the Print button and choose the hardcover (9 by 9-inch) or softcover (7 by 7-inch). Google Photos allow you to print 20 to 100 pages of the photo book, and you can choose the templates from their pre-made albums, or you can simply begin from scratch and create everything manually. It doesn’t offer a lot of layout and editing options like other websites, but it is an excellent option to begin with.

All of these sites keep running best deals and offers from time to time, depending on the occasion. So, keep an eye on them to get the best services at the best price. If you want a very professional outlook on your photo book, then we would recommend you to go for Blurb services. Otherwise, the rest of the site also works well and allows you to customize every feature and detail of the photos.

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