Top 7 Tech Youtubers 2020

Top 7 Tech Youtubers 2020

Whether you are searching for tech-related tips or information of any sort. The word ‘Youtube’ is the word that hardly skips one’s mind. YouTube is the platform where you can find both a perfect solution and a perfect entertainment dose too. Most people devote their time to this platform and mint money. There are many YouTubers who have touched the sky of success through their unique talent and still maintain a high position in the list of YouTubers. Their skills in earning stardom on YouTube has been a point of discussion all around the globe. Through their smart work, many more have been encouraged to take steps in the world of YouTube, but their names still remain shiny in the list of tech Youtubers. How they managed to take their place on the top in the list of tech YouTubers still remains unanswered. Have a look at these top tech YouTubers who can help you acquire know-how about technology and decide about what to purchase or not.

Marques Brownlee

The list of top tech Youtubers brings Marques Brownlee to notice first when someone talks of tech channels on YouTube. Marques Brownlee is also known as MKBHD. He is the top tech Youtuber who has left no stone unturned in making his name on the top in the list of top tech Youtubers. He set out on his Youtubing journey in 2009 when he was studying in 10th class. Nowadays, he is proud of his channel whose subscriber count stands at 10 million. The total views on his channel go beyond 1. 6 billion

The talented Brownlee usually reviews mobile phones and hardware. The name of Marques Brownlee. The tech Youtuber assists millions of people in planning what to buy or not. He has been imparting his knowledge to his viewers for over ten years through YouTube. He is considered to be the A-1 tech Youtuber and well trusted by his viewers and fans. He has always been asked about his success secrets whenever he has been interviewed on big channels. His popularity has inspired many emerging Youtubers a lot.


Judner Aura is the next in the list of top tech Youtubers. Judner commenced his YouTube journey in 2012 while she was studying at Drexel University. Judner reviews smartphones, cameras, laptops, gaming, and much more. Judner has pride in his channel whose subscribers are about 2.75 million. He assists many people in buying and knowing what is right to purchase. He has received numerous accolades for his work. He is widely praised for the trust he has maintained for over 8 years on YouTube.


Linus Gaberial Sebastian is the famous name in the arena of tech YouTubers. It is surprising to know that he is the owner of four YouTube channels. The combined subscriber base of all the four channels owned by Sebastian is more than 15 million. Linus Tech Tips came into existence when a Canadian company named “NCIX” asked him to create a channel for reviewing products and promotions. Linus has been widely popular among tech Youtubers for over years.

He has gained enormous support and love from his subscribers. The Magazine “Tubelifter” has ranked Linus fourth on a list of ‘The Top 30 Players in Tech’. Linus’ wide popularity is respected by all tech Youtubers.

Unbox Therapy

The channel gives you an opportunity to take a look at the unboxing of different tech gadgets. It makes you feel happy when you see a new gadget being unboxed.

It is great to see this kind of unboxing of various kinds of tech gadgets. The channel was started by Lewis George Hilsenteger and Jack McCann. Lewis George Hilsenteger is host while Jack McCann executes all the tasks of making video as Videographer. In 2014, The Unbox Therapy uploaded a video in which Lewis was shown bending his iPhone 6 plus using bare hands, the video suddenly got viral and snatched the attention of many viewers. Lewis unboxes and reviews laptops and phones. His channel has more than 16 million subscribers as per the latest information and more than 1 billion views on his total videos.

Austin Evans

Austin is the most popular in the list of tech Youtubers. He has garnered great support because he has been helpful to his viewers in many ways. Be it gaming PCs or recently-launched smartphones, Austin reviews everything that falls in the category of tech. He uploaded his first video when he was suggested to do so by one of his friends. When he noticed his video getting wider attention, he stuck to the tech world and is nowadays counted among the top tech Youtubers. His breakout video was about a speed test between Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 which received huge amounts of views on its first day of being uploaded. The channel owned by Austin has more than 4 million subscribers as of now.

Jonathan Morrison

Jonathon Morrison is one of the top tech YouTubers who has been impressive enough in matters of videos related to unboxing and reviews. Jonathon Morrison was bitten by a Youtube bug in 2010. He started making videos and uploading them to his YouTube channel previously known as ‘tldtoday’, which was later renamed to his own name. Jonathon Morrison reviews everything that relates to tech. He generally offers buying advice and proper reviews of laptops and other tech gadgets. The subscriber base of his channel is about 2.7 million. The total views on his videos are in the region of 400 million.

Jonathon Rettinger

Jonathon Rettinger is the name that doesn’t need any introduction in the tech sector. He worked for popular TV channels too like CNBC and Fox Business in the past. He came into the tech world in 2009 when he started his technology website “” The Story of industrious Morrison took a turning twist and Jonathon sold his website and YouTube channel to Mobile Nations, which is one of the biggest digital publishers in the world. Since then, Jonathan has had nothing but his own channel named ‘Jon Rettinger’ which currently has in the region of 1.5 million subscribers. The tech-savvy Jonathan runs his channel and is counted among one of the best tech Youtubers the world has ever produced.

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