The Most Important Features of Windows 10

The Most Important Features of Windows 10

The advent of Windows 10 has opened new doors to Windows users. Windows is the operating system that is undoubtedly regarded as being the most used all around the world. It has given a stylish look and some of the important features. People nowadays love installing Windows 10 rather than any other older versions. The most-regarded operating system was Windows 7 before the arrival of Windows 10 took place. The people are now more interested in finding something that adds a stylish look to their computer or laptop. Windows 10 has truly proved itself to be up to expectations when questions as to good features arise.

Windows 10 has been professionally designed to look more official and more stylish than any other Windows that have come into existence till now. Here are the exciting features of Windows 10 that make life easier than ever.

Metro apps

Since the advent of Windows 8, Metro apps have been a part of all Windows. Be it Windows 9 or 10. Windows 10 has seen major improvements that are too good to tell. One of those lovely features is, you can now open an app in a desktop Windows unlike before. In the previous versions of windows available, you could open an app on the full screen.


This feature has not just beautified Windows 10 but made a lot of tasks easier to do. This has been one of the most appreciated features of Windows 10 that makes a big difference between Windows 10 and previous versions of older Windows. Cortona easily lets you do a lot of tasks that people had to do by going through multiple processes. It assists you in many tasks. You can schedule reminders, set alarms, call contacts, compare stocks, and much more than all these. Many people love it because it is capable of responding to voice commands. You can give it a type command, it works flawlessly. The feature named Cortona was first introduced in Windows 8.1 but didn’t get through with flying colors as easily as it did on Windows 10.

The Start Menu

The superb functionality the Start Menu has is more awesome than one may think.

The Start Menu lets you adjust your pics and photos on Live Tiles. You can unpin or resize all of the Metro apps if you want. The Start Menu has been widely hailed for having better functionality. Most of the people love Windows 10 not just for functionality but for the stylish look too.

File Explorer’s Home Folder

The feature is the best. There is no one who would not love to know about access to what folders were made. The Windows 10 arranges all files by recently accessed folders and most frequently visited folders.

The great feature helps you know about what folder you mostly visit.

Action Center Notification

This feature is useful and proves itself of more importance. The Action Center is like a basket of useful information. It keeps all your reminders archived. The feature has brought about a great degree of change in the way people operate computers.


Windows 10 has been tailored to everyone’s needs This special feature of Windows 10 truly makes a great impact. This feature lets you switch between desktop mode or the mode similar to Windows 8 built for mobile. Using Windows 10 in tablet mode can be a good experience if you are fond of doing so. The Start Menu fits the full screen in such a situation. Significant changes in the world of technology have taken place and the changes are getting older with the passage of time. Windows 10 has been widely known for its performance and additional features that were not part of Windows in the previous versions.

Xbox App

It is an amazing feature of all the Windows 10 owns. The activity feed in Xbox App shows you the list of all your Xbox Live friends. You can see the list of all your friends at the right corner. Selecting one of your friends provides you an opportunity to send them a direct message and ask about them. This feature is more than great and offers a great degree of joy to Windows 10 users.

Solidified settings

Windows 10 has all that it takes to make a computer program work faster and quicker. The marvelous feature belonging to Windows 10 provides you with an easy-to-navigate settings menu. It becomes available as you click the Start button. The feature was born with Windows 8 but It was not supposed to work in a proper way than on Windows 8. The same feature was later modified to a great extent on Windows 10 and brought about positive responses from users. Windows 10 has been undergoing various changes since it has come into existence.

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