How to Change Background Color in a Note on iPad and iPhone

How to Change Background Color in a Note on iPad and iPhone

Creating notes on an iPad or iPhone doesn’t take much time, but if you wish to have a unique note with a coloured background, then you can choose to pick a background colour. The procedure of changing the background colour in the Notes app is straightforward. Both iPhone and iPad devices have the built-in Notes app, and it uses its background using system settings. So if you enable the dark mode feature on your iPad or iPhone, the pre-installed Notes app will automatically turn its background dark.

People have their preferences and choices, so there’s both light and dark background available in the Notes app. However, if you don’t want to use the background system based colour on your Notes app, here’s how you can change it.

How to Change Background Color of a Certain Note on iPad and iPhone

To change the background of notes in the Notes app, make sure your iPad and iPhone is running on iPadOS 13/iOS 13 or above.

Open the Notes app on your iPad or iPhone.

Open a note or create a new one to change the background.

You won’t find the change background option until you type anything in the note. So type anything in the note to find the background change option.

Press on the three dots at the top right side.

Now in the following options, press the Use Light Background option.

The background colour in the note will change immediately.

How to Change Background Color for the Entire Notes on iPad and iPhone

If you want to have a similar colour on every note instead of having a different background colour for every note, here’s what you must do.

Open Settings from the home screen on the iPad and iPhone.

Slide to bottom and press Notes.

Tap the Note Backgrounds option.

Choose Dark or Light background colour in the Note Background tab.

This is everything you must do to change the background of notes in the Notes app. Once you change the background for the entire notes in the Notes app, you won’t have to change it again. Another thing you must know is that if you change the background of a note, the background of the entire Notes app will still be configured with the system background appearance.


Now that users can change the background colour of their Notes app, they can try out many other different customizations in the app including paper appearance design. But before making all these changes in the Notes app, make sure the software is running on iPadOS 13/iOS 13 or above.

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