A Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay- What It is all About?

A Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay- What It is all About?

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A personal philosophy of nursing essay involves a proper definition of nursing and a set of one’s values and beliefs with primary goals and direct practice of this discipline. It should highlight the personal viewpoint of a writer as a nursing student.

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Nursing Personal Philosophy

A personal philosophy is simply an analysis of concepts showing your basic viewpoint. And it is believed that before making a career into any profession, it is good to evaluate the personal philosophy related to a specific job.

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Nursing is a highly responsible job that is not limited only to treating the physical and psychological illness of a patient. A nurse should work professionally without any minor chance of mistake to provide high-quality nursing care services for the personalized requirements of every patient.

A personal philosophy must starts with some common questions such as what do I mean by nursing, what are the main nursing values for me, why these values are important for me, and what is convincing me to practice this profession.

Apart from this, you must clearly describe:

1. Nursing career

2. Important concepts of your nursing philosophy

3. Vital meta-paradigms

4. Research

5. Administrations

6. Personal history

7. Applications of your personal philosophy in your nursing job

8. Strong and weak points of your philosophy

9. Achievement of personal beliefs

10. Conclusion

Implementing all these concepts can be tricky most of the times. It needs great research and analysis to compose original content. Online nursing assignment writing help is beneficial for future nurses as it provides support in achieving their dreams.

Nursing Meta-Paradigm

It is a basic statement of nursing that includes a set of concepts and propositions. It works as a frame in which many limited structures of theoretical models develop. The discipline of nursing can be defined using these 4 concepts of meta-paradigms:

1. Phenomenon of nursing

2. Phenomenon of person

3. Phenomenon of health

4. Phenomenon of environment

All these concepts are characterized by a personal philosophy of nursing. All last 3 phenomena i.e. person, health, and environment relate to the receiver of nursing activities or work. While writing the personal philosophy, you need to describe all these 4 concepts according to your own perspective. Note that this content cannot be copied from other’s work. You need to compose it as per your own beliefs and experience.

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