Preventive Maintenance Tips for Ultrasound SystemsEnter content title here...

Preventive Maintenance Tips for Ultrasound SystemsEnter content title here...

Regular repairs and system checks keep machines working at peak performance. Are you getting the best ultrasound maintenance service around, though?

Care and maintenance are necessary for your imaging equipment to function properly, last longer, and provide accurate images. Whether you are looking to buy new ultrasound equipment or already have existing ones, knowing how to maintain these machines is to your benefit. Have a look at some of the tips you’ll want to start putting to good use.

Check Your Equipment

Do visual checks on a daily basis. If there are any signs of damage, hire service technicians to check it out. Once the technician has inspected your machine and determined the extent of the problem, as well as of the probable cause, nipping those issues in the bud won’t be a problem. That’s one way to keep any unit hiccups from escalating into bigger and costlier problems.

Inspect Your Transducers

When you perform daily checks, make sure you pay attention to the machine’s transducers. Check the probe and its connection to the unit before you use the equipment. Are there any cuts or cracks on the probe lens? What about the Tee probe tube?

If there is any sign of damage, don’t dismiss them. The ultrasound gel can easily get through cuts. If that happens, you’ll end up with a faulty transducer. Tears in the cable are also an indication that the wires inside may be broken. A service firm can check and fix that for you.

Clean the Unit

Before you or any member of your staff logs off for the end of shift, make sure the unit is wiped clean of any ultrasound gel as well as of dust and dirt. Keeping it clean for the next staff member or patient makes the change of shifts easier. Also, if you detect any problems with the way the equipment is working, make sure you inform the rest of the staff. Your team should call for professional repair assistance right away.

Back Up the System

Make it a habit to do full backups of your system regularly. If the system fails because of a hardware or software issue, you can reduce downtimes because of the full system backup. You can recover your system within a few hours by backing your network data, options, presets, and other user preferences. Without one in place, your recovery could take days and impact your operations negatively.

Schedule Regular Service Checks

Ensure ultrasound maintenance by hiring pros to check the unit regularly. Daily visual checks aren’t enough as they don’t catch minor problems inside the unit. By getting a service technician to come by and check your equipment, your unit will work much better. The technician will resolve any issues and prevent future system failures.

Hire the Right Team

Look for a service team that you can trust. Find companies with an excellent track record for providing reliable service assistance. Local firms make for a good option, especially if they’ve been around for years. That’s a testament to their credibility, which is a quality you want in your service firm. Look at the reviews and feedback from other customers as well.