Can You Change Machine Lubricants Without Filtering?

Can You Change Machine Lubricants Without Filtering?

If you want to know if it is better to lubricate without filtering? Then you need to read this article because it contains all the essential oil filtration

From time to time, you need to check and maintain your industrial machines; there are many different ways to sustain your machinery, which will result in extended life and increased performance.

One of the best-maintaining processes is lubricating the machinery. Lubricating machines have many benefits by providing a stable operation with machine elements like gears, hydraulic, and bearings. And any dog in lubricating or filtering will result in slow performance, extreme wear, and early breakdown.

Thus, if you are uncertain about which is the best way to lubricate your industrial equipment, Harvard filtration systems are the best in the market. They will provide you with the required oil filtration system for machines.

This article will share with you some essential knowledge to support when and how to relubricate your machine?

Why Is Industrial Lubricating Important?

Industrial lubricating is essential if you want to level up the performance of your industrial equipment. Lubricating assists in blocking any harm caused by dull intervals and degeneration; this results in boosting up the productivity of your machine.

If the machines withstand extreme environments, severe weather temperatures, etc., lubricating the mechanisms will support protection from deterioration and make the machines last long.

And lubricating persistence makes the industry or business productive all year round, with greater profits that leads to more growth.

Hints To Relubricate

There are several signs and hints you will perceive from the machines when in need of relubrication, such as slow performance, trips, loud noises, low pressure, and exhaust. Then a lot of damage and failure will occur while not turning an eye on the matter. And finally, they will shut down in the most needed time.

Thus, it's important to have an expert in maintaining and lubricating the machines, and no company is better than Harvard filtration systems. They will aid you with advanced filtering and lubricating products to choose the best for your industrial tools.

Common Impurity

Industrial tools of common impurities are affected by many types of impurities, but the three main types that have an extreme effect on the machines are:


Sludges contaminants start appearing as an outcome of oxidation from the oil itself. Because of higher temperatures while operating the machine or the industrial environments. This leads to unpredictable operation and sticking.


Dirt, clay, or solid impurities in the air surrounding industrial tools, e, and clay or dirt impurity might be sand from core casting, mele chips, rust, paint flakes, etc. This impurity is the worst they could scratch the machine, or if they were grouped since it has been a long time not relubricated, they might shut down the machine operation.

Water :

Some lubrication experts find the water impurity the nastiest to work with, water adulteration such as gland, cooler, seal leakage.

Water is the hardest to filter while lubricating the machine oil because if any free moisture reacts with oil, it might level up rust and sludge.

You can change the car's lubrication without filtering!

After discussing all the information above now, it's time to answer our main question in this article. Can You Change Machine Lubrication Without Filtering?

The simple answer is no; you can't relubricate without filtering; as we mentioned above, there is a certain type of impurity that affects the machine oil, which needs the right filtration tools and methods to clean the oil.

How To Select The Best Filter?

The right filter will assist the machine to gain the best performance as a new build machine, and it is essential to pick the proper filter upon these factors:

Essentials For Machine Parts; You need to examine the machine running temperature, oil supplies rate, and oil pressure drop. These factors must be taken into mind before picking the filter.

Presumed Type, size, and level of impurity; These factors will assist you in picking the filter by calculating the impurity of the oil in the machine, so you can use the proper filter.

And lubricating filters have small cartridges, including movement capacities up to three to five tuns of oil per minute.

This is required to improve the proper flow rates; a system of smaller cartridges is arranged into a filtration unit.

As you can see, there is a lot of hassle in maintaining and lubricating the industrial machines with more detailed work to choose the right filter for lubricating the types of machinery.

So, the ideal way is to call the experts Harvard filtration systems to do all this tough and complicated work for you, with a great level of professionalism.


It is very important to maintain and repair your industrial machines with a periodic schedule to prevent any issues from appearing. And you can start by lubricating and filtering the oil that helps your machine in working with higher performance and extend the lifespan of the machine.