Are Signs Still Important In The Era Of Internet Marketing?

Are Signs Still Important In The Era Of Internet Marketing?

The digitalization of the marketing world is a matter of fact. However, the article explains the relevance of traditional signage in the modern internet world.

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Signage has played a vital role in growing business throughout history. However, with businesses inclining towards digital marketing, signage has become just another thing to deal with in the marketing plan. This is unfortunate; many statistics show that it is one of the most important business decisions.

Many advertising and marketing agencies ignore the importance of signage in business promotion and make the owners invest in new internet fads, mobile apps, websites, and other unproven marketing methods. Undoubtedly, digital marketing is a must in the modern world, but the power and importance of signage cannot be overlooked.

When analyzed, it is clear that traditional marketing methods like exterior signage, retractable banners, point of purchase display, and window graphics still drive a major portion of leads, customers, and sales for the business.

Why Are Signs So Important For Your Business?

Consciously or subconsciously, all of us follow signage daily, from the signage guiding the way within the city you live into the signage that leads you to discover new places. The power of signage is undeniable. Signs are one of the most visible means of communication for businesses. Without signs, your business is just an unrecognizable place in the ocean of companies that people walk past every day.

They not only inform people about your presence but also provide a quick glimpse of what you do. It also helps your potential customers to assess whether they feel comfortable trading their money for the goods or services you offer.

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The Benefits Of Business Signage

Signs help people find your business

You might be thinking, why should I put signage when people can locate my business using google maps? Well, people can indeed find any location they want using google maps. However, many surveys and research show that many people drive past the location because the signage is too small or just not there.

So, no doubt google maps will guide your customers to the area you are located around, but if you lack signage or it is just inappropriate and terrible, your customers may start looking at your competitors across. This means you will lose a customer only because you don’t have guiding or displaying signs of recognition.

Signs Are Still Most Effective Ways Of Marketing

While there may be some additional cost attached to displaying signs, your sign works the hardest for your business once made. It stands and delivers 24/7 for 365 days a year. When compared to any other kind of marketing promotion tool, none works this hard. It is usually the first visible and physical interaction your customer will have with your business. So, keep the signage clear, themed to enable it to pass your message clearly to your customers.

Signs Generate Impulse Purchases

Well, to your surprise, for a matter of proven fact, most of the sales come from unplanned impulse stops. These stops are usually the result of the attractive and appealing signage of the business.

Quality signage could drive customers in your store even if it was unfamiliar for them to begin with.

Signage Keeps You In Front Of Your Customers

If you have a physical outlet or store, you can surely not function without signage. Good quality signage can

  • Tell passers-by about who you are and what you do.
  • They are the face of your business
  • They help you build your brand
  • Their color scheming, font sizes, and general display can position your brand in a customized manner.
  • They put your message in front of your customers daily.

Silent Salesperson

Once inside the business area or at the outside display, your signage acts as a silent salesperson who is never on break. They help push the customers in your stores, generating impulsive buys over the item that might have gone unnoticed had it not been on the signage.

Don’t Neglect The Power Of Signage

Undoubtedly, there is an increase in people shopping online, but 90% of retail store transactions take place at physical stores. Even traditional online-only stores like Amazon have moved to the brick-and-mortar approach, and this is when they also recognize the importance of quality signage.

The fact is that no online campaign or marketing strategy will help the customers visiting your store physically. The best way to provide them comfort is to guide them through signage. The way you treat them in your store will bring them back to your brand, not some online campaign or an online poster.