Serrapeptase Enzymes: An Overview and Benefits on Inflammation

Serrapeptase Enzymes: An Overview and Benefits on Inflammation

Serrapeptase enzymes are good proteolytic enzymes commonly employed in the management of inflammation and other conditions related to swelling and pain.

Serrapeptase enzymes, a group of proteolytic enzymes that digest and break down proteins, had been discovered in the intestine of the silkworm Bombyx mori, which uses serrapeptase to “eat” its cocoon, emerge from it and then fly like a moth. Before this metamorphosis happens, silk makers heat the cocoons to kill the pupae which would do damage to the silk threads.

Serrapeptase, also known as Serratiopeptidase, has been isolated from these silkworms after studies found that it possesses amazing benefits especially in fighting inflammation. It is now marketed as a health supplement.

SupplementSerrapeptase On Inflammation

Serrapeptase Enzymes: An Overview and Benefits on Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury and foreign organisms. Sometimes, it persists longer than the ordinary, causing much discomfort and even leading to other diseases. In some people, the immune system mistakenly attacks the body itself. This dysfunction results in autoimmune diseases which are inflammatory, like rheumatoid arthritis and allergies.

Serrapeptase fights inflammation by draining out fluid from the tissues, thus minimizing swelling. This could explain why modern supplements for inflammation such as Serrazyme Ultra – the best serrapeptase enzymes supplement of Whole Family Products employ serrapeptase in the management of pain and swelling.

Serrapeptase also breaks down dead or damaged tissues for antibiotics to easily penetrate the good tissues and for healing to facilitate. This property makes serrapeptase essential in post-surgery.

Additionally, serrapeptase enzymes are good alternatives for the relief of arthritis, which is also an inflammatory condition. As an analgesic, it removes the accompanying pain in the inflamed area as well. Research suggests that it also has uses in the dissolution of blood clots, plaque, and scar tissue.

Lastly, it has been observed that serrapeptase enzymes can decrease the amount and the viscosity of sputum and can also reduce nasal discharge, phlegm production and the frequency of coughing.

Serrapeptase has a bright future for its effective role in the reduction of inflammation. But are you convinced that it can actually help in the management of diseases that involve swelling of the tissues? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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