Why wait for Spring – Do it Now!

Why wait for Spring – Do it Now!

Discover how de-cluttering can improve your life.

Why wait for Spring – Do it Now

Do you keep things in case you might need them someday? Were you brought up with the thought that certain items stay in your family, even though nobody wants them anymore? Have you rented storage space because you have so many belongings? Do clothes climb out of drawers when you open them? Clutter can affect you at home and in the workplace. It can drag down your energy and make it difficult to concentrate.

There's clutter in your life that lives on the surface and it's in your face every day. The stuff in our homes can go from a lifetime of accumulation to an impediment to our lifestyle. The stuff has gotten out of hand so now the amount of work involved is overwhelming? Your stuff has become an obstacle.

Discover how de-cluttering can improve your life.

Decluttering is not about tidiness nor is it about the stuff. It’s about our space. When you make it about things, you get hung up on what to keep and what to throw away. When it’s about the space, you decide what adds value to that space, and what spoils it.

The goal of decluttering is not simply to get rid of clutter, but rather to strip away and edit out the particular stuff that is not bringing value to your life. It doesn’t benefit anyone if the possessions we rarely use sit in storage lockers, on shelves, in basements, or in attics and garages. Declutter and with it gain the sense of freedom that your stuff no longer owns you, because let’s face it, to a certain extent it does.

Decluttering in whatever form it takes is very emotional, very personal and every situation is different. It’s not the about things. It is all about our attachment to memories and emotional ties. It is about dealing with the emotional issues. Check in with yourself and see what are you avoiding by not opening a box or sorting a filing cabinet. Decluttering is not about getting rid of everything and more about keeping what’s really important.

We all have feel compelled to keep items we think we might need someday. We can eliminate this feeling if we are realistic about what we need. Much of our stuff may be useful, but it is not particularly necessary to our overall happiness. Decluttering should include an overall assessment of the role each item plays in your life. You will then be able to cherish and appreciate what you have. It will be easier to care for and maintain your things when you have less.

Some people get tripped up on the next logical question… where in the world do I begin? To accomplish this task break it down to small manageable pieces. Keep memories, not stuff. Remember: You don’t need the stuff to remember the memories.

Why wait for Spring – Do it Now!

So why wait for Spring Do it Now!!

Declutter and gain more time, This will leave you with more time to do the things you actually want to be doing and spend less time cleaning and organizing your things..

If it is time to take control of the situation but you don’t know where to begin. 4Life’s Transitions we can help. From large to small let 4Life’s Transitions tame the stuff and put you back in charge.

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