Complete Guide about the Different Kinds of Moving Boxes

Complete Guide about the Different Kinds of Moving Boxes

When you shift to a new house or a new city, nothing seems more important than choosing the perfect house moving boxes so that your goodies are transported safe

When you shift to a new house or a new city, nothing seems more important than choosing the perfect house moving boxes so that your goodies are transported safely. Among all the moving supplies, removal boxes are the most important. There are many different types of boxes for all sorts of your moving requirements.

Go through this article to get an overview of all the different kinds of house moving boxes.

Kinds of Moving Boxes

Small Cardboard boxes

When you are ordering packaging supplies, make sure to order a lot of small cardboard boxes. Why so? Because they are easier to pack and carry when you are shifting. They are also perfect for a number of smaller goods like stationaries, kitchenware, appliances, makeup, and so on. These usually vary from being 12inches to 14inches in size.

Medium Cardboard Boxes

The most popular type of moving boxes would be medium cardboard boxes. Medium-sized household goodies like hard and soft toys, pans, bed linens, heavy books, can be moved in these packages. These are small to be carried in trucks but large enough to be carried just like that. These vary in sizes from 14inches to 18inches in length.

Large Cardboard Boxes

If you are moving to a smaller apartment or a shared one, you will need only a handful of necessary goods, big yet lightweight, that will fit perfectly into these large boxes.

Things like pillows, bed linen, blankets, clothes, toiletries and more can be packed in these boxes. But try not to over-pack these, otherwise you will find it difficult to lift it during the moving process. These boxes measure between 18-24 inches long usually.

Wardrobe Boxes

Have clothes that need to be hanged even while on the move? If yes, then you will definitely require some wardrobe boxes to carry your suits and gowns. These boxes come with sturdy, metal bars to hang your clothes.

Telescope Boxes

If you have flatscreen TVs, computers, paintings or mirrors we would suggest getting some telescope boxes to help you. These 2-piece boxes (consisting of a top and bottom piece) fit together to form one box. All you need to do is slide the smaller piece into the larger piece to protect your belongings, and prevent dents, scratches or cracks on them.

Plastic Bins

You will need these to carry your seasonal clothes, fragile goods, cords or electrical items. These bins are perfect for those who plan to store the things after they move. Packing in plastic bins also makes it easier for you to find out things. It also saves your objects from inclement weather.

Bankers Boxes

If you’re changing your job or shifting your office space, you would need bankers boxes to move all your office supplies. These boxes come with easy-to-lift lids and handles for easy moving of stuff.

Dish and glassware boxes

The dish and glassware boxes are the most effective ways to store and move, crockeries, wine glasses and other dainty kitchen equipment. These have small to medium-sizes boxes and a set of cardboard dividers to separate the fragile items and save them from breaking.

Lamp Boxes

Lamps usually are of different shapes and sizes and also take up quite a lot of space when you try to pack it. And because of the variety of shapes, packing without breaking is also quite difficult. To help you, there are these long cardboard boxes which allow you to pack and ship lamps in the most efficient manner.

Wooden Crates

Large, fancy goodies at home might need wooden crates to ship. The wooden crates generally made from thick plywood are secured with steel chips. There is also a removable panel that comes with this wooden crate that helps in unloading and loading.

Mattress Boxes

A mattress bag simply doesn’t work out when it comes to provide proper protection to the most important part of your bed. If you plan to store your mattress for a long time, or there are chances that it would be carried in a truck, we would suggest investing in a good-quality mattress box.

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