Clever Ways To Get Your Homework Done Faster

Clever Ways To Get Your Homework Done Faster

There are even playlists on Spotify by other college students if you want something premade.

Clever Ways To Get Your Homework Done Faster

Homework is the universal bane of every student’s existence. You slog away all day in school or college only to come back home and tackle the mountain of homework you have left. Between tests, assignments, and having some semblance of social life, homework seems to become a dreaded chore. But it doesn’t have to be! With a few simple steps, you’ll be able to turn that mountain into a molehill and finish homework in no time. How? Read on to find out some awesome homework hacks! Tips for getting homework done quickly.


Nowadays it’s become the norm to lay on your bed and gather your things around you to do homework. But this is the worst way to go about it. You associate your bed with relaxing and chilling out. This is not the place you should be working. Instead, set aside a corner of your room for study. Whether you’re doing homework or schoolwork, you’ll find that you get into the zone and finish your homework faster. This is why people who exclusively work from home have separate home offices, so their work and personal life have designated zones and boundaries.


Our phones have become our constant companions. Even if they came up with an implantable phone next, we probably wouldn’t even notice the difference! But because we’re so used to being available for every tweet, comment, or like on our socials, we can’t find the focus to finish homework on time.

Put your phone on silent or vibrate, or leave it to charge on the other side of the room when you sit down to study. Make sure you have to put in some effort to see a notification or call, and you’ll see it is easier to wait for ten minutes, finish the chapter you were studying and then attend to your friends. If this is too difficult for you, then download an app that locks your phone for a certain amount of time. Do what you need to do to switch off from the virtual world.


Man is a creature of habit. As lazy as we are, humans are designed to fall into a certain routine. Very often we do it without realizing it! For example, there is a specific set of things we do when we wake up. For some, it is brushing teeth, then getting coffee and reading from a specific source. For others, it is waking up, visiting the bathroom, and then making breakfast before grabbing a coffee and heading out to work. If you set aside a two-hour block for homework, not only will it stop piling up, you will also fall into a routine of doing homework, be it for school or college. Soon, you will see that you finish homework fast no matter how daunting it seems or however much work comes up unexpectedly!


Okay, so you’ve set a routine, kept your phone away, and are sitting in your designated study corner. But you feel antsy, and keep looking across the room to your phone, and you’re getting distracted easily. First off, congratulations! You’re doing well and have taken concrete steps to finish all the homework you have piled up. Now, put some music on in the background if you’re having trouble with focus. You’ve been so used to having multiple things going on in your head that your mind is looking for things to focus on other than the text in front of you. This is something most college kids overcome as they get used to coursework. Make sure it isn’t music you listen to usually, get something without words. There are even playlists on Spotify by other college students if you want something premade. Suddenly you’ll see that you’re finishing homework fast, and submitting it on time too!


Asking for help is one of the most common problems that people face. It’s okay to not understand everything your course throws at you, that’s why there are teachers and tutors and the library to help! When you’re struggling to find answers on homework and you don’t have much time, you can look at both online and offline resources. YouTube has recorded classes from school through to college that you can go through in case you missed something or need a refresher. You can make a study group with your friends and can bounce questions off each other to get homework assignments done faster. You can also email your professor or teacher and ask them. Most of the time, any educator will be happy to explain something in your homework to you again if you’re having trouble with it. With some help from the people around you, you’ll be able to finish homework fast and have time for your friends and family.