Tempt your Taste @RibEyeJack'sAleHouse (Rib Eye Jack's Ale House)

Tempt your Taste @RibEyeJack'sAleHouse (Rib Eye Jack's Ale House)

Rib Eye Jack's Ale House – is your place for great ale house dining.Rib Eye Jacks Ale House is open for lunch, dinner or now serving weekend Brunches.

About Rib Eye Jack's Ale House

Rib Eye Jack's Ale House – is your place for great ale house dining. Locally owned and operated, Rib Eye Jack take pride in our food and beverage selections, fresh and where ever possible local ingredients form the basis of our menus. Rib Eye Jacks Ale House Features over 100 craft beer selections, Rib Eye Steaks, Fall off the bone ribs, and Famous fish tacos.

Must Try Dishes

WEEKEND BRUNCH:  Rib Eye Jack's Ale House serve weekend brunch on Saturday & Sunday between 11 am & 3 pm. They serve:

  1. Chicken Maple Benedict
  2. Ale House Benedict
  3. Shrimp Oscar Benedict
  4. Cinnamon Croissant French Toast
  5. Streak & Egg
  6. Country Schnitzel Breakfast
  7. GREAT BRUNCH ADDS: Ale House Brunch Caesar & Brunch Mimosa Jack 3.91

Find their attached menu for brunch here

STREAK & TOMATO SALAD: Whisky dipped sirloin tip skewers, seared medium, vine ripe tomatoes, red onions, baby arugula, olive oil, balsamic & sea salt.

TENNESSE CHICKEN: Two Boneless breasts, whisky dipped in wild turkey bourbon, our Tennesse rubbed & flamed grilled, chimichurri sauce finished, garlic red skin mashed and day vegetables.


ALE HOUSE SIZE: Kick up any drink size for $3 or change your pint into a stein or add an ounce of liquor to a cocktail or change your 5oz. of wine into your 8oz. Is it not a deal to steal?

Find our complete list of drinks here

Tempt your Taste @RibEyeJack'sAleHouse (Rib Eye Jack's Ale House)


Dessert- It will make you go weak on your knees

DEATH BY CHOCOLATE: Chocolate ice-cream, chocolate brownie, chocolate fudge, peanut caramel chocolate bar piece, chocolate chips, topped with chocolate syrup & whipped cream.




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